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  • Gluten Free Strawberry and White Chocolate Shortbread

    20th May 2021

    Why did I chose to develop a “Gluten Free Strawberry and White Chocolate Shortbread” recipe? Ok time to be honest, I saw that Starbucks are selling some new “Strawberry and White Chocolate Shortbread” and I got jealous. And maybe a tiny bit annoyed that Starbucks could so easily make this gluten free and they haven’t.…

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  • Gluten Free Gigantic Jazzles Crispy Cakes

    19th May 2021

    My Gigantic Jazzles Crispy Cakes: a chewy, crispy base that is topped with a giant “jazzle” – white chocolate and sprinkles! You are 5 very simple ingredients away from these beauties. They are INSANE warmed up. 10 seconds in the microwave and wow. I’ve tried to describe it in a million different ways but nothing…

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  • GLUTEN FREE On-The-Go Lunch Options

    18th May 2021

    The convenience of grab and go lunch options is often something that us coeliacs/gluten freers struggle with. I’ve compiled a list of options for us to make it easier to pick where to head to when we’re in desperate need of some lunch! 3 THINGS TO NOTE: (1) This guide contains mains only – I’ve…

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  • Gluten Free Nandos Pasta Recipe

    14th May 2021

    My Gluten Free Nandos Pasta Recipe: Who doesn’t love a cheeky Nandos? And Garofalo is my all time fave gluten free pasta.. so Nandos x Garofalo pasta has to be a winner, right?! If I think Nandos, I think beautifully tender chicken, yummy peri-peri flavours, grilled halloumi, peas and chips. Replace with chips with pasta…

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  • 20 New Gluten Free Products at M&S today! With Reviews!!

    13th May 2021

    The 3 big ones: (1) MADE WITHOUT SAMOSAS – gluten and dairy free I reaaaallly want to say they’re absolutely amazing but instead I have to say they’re good. They certainly fill a gap in the market, the filling is absolutely delish and I will definitely buy them again. So why not “absolutely amazing”? (1)…

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  • 10 of the Hardest Things About Being a Coeliac: how to beat them!

    10th May 2021

    This guide contains the 10 biggest challenges my lovely coeliac followers have said they face. I’ll do my very best to help you through them all! Lets make you this chilled about coeliac life… (*Ok, I’m not that chilled, I’m attempting to balance on Segway… but lets pretend haha) Where did this idea come from?…

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  • 8 TIPS for using a Gluten Free Breadmaker and 2 RECIPES: Make it easy

    9th May 2021

    This guide contains 8 Gluten Free Breadmaker Tips to help if you (1) can’t quite get the perfect gluten free loaf or (2) just opened the box and thought oh god, where do I start?! I HAVE GOOD NEWS!!! ITS EASY and the results are honestly amazing. It makes the house smell delicious, you can…

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  • 24 New Gluten Free Products: 8th May 2021

    8th May 2021

    I could have had 50 new products this week – but I’ve tried to keep it down to the most exciting ones!!! There’s a lot of new BBQ food around so I’m thinking of making a special BBQ edition next week. What do you think? Let me know on Instagram! Enjoy…. ASDA Slow Cooked Chicken…

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