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  • My Typical Day: Want To Know What I Do? FREEE Cereal, Secrets and Puppies

    23rd September 2020

    6am: In case you didn’t know, we’ve got a 15-week-old Cockapoo puppy called Ronnie… there’s no way you didn’t know that, I don’t stop talking about it!! Where did his name come from? Long story short, Charlie and I went to LSE Uni together and spent as much time as humanly possible in Ronnie Scotts,…

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  • Gluten Free Zebra Cake: So much easier than it looks!

    21st September 2020

    It was actually one of my lovely followers who introduced the “Gluten Free Zebra Cake” to me!! Wow…. move over marble cake, the zebra cake is another level! What’s more, you only need 5 ingredients. I’m now wondering how I’d never heard of a Zebra Cake before and what other cakes are out there, waiting…

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  • What are gluten free people thinking at the moment?

    19th September 2020

    I can’t cook gluten free spaghetti Do not panic! Once you’ve nailed it, your pasta will taste the same as “normal”. I actually have something that might help – 5 tips for cooking gluten free pasta. The brand of pasta you buy is important too – you get what you pay for unfortunately. I love…

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  • 14 New Gluten Free Products: 17th Sept 2020

    17th September 2020

    Well well well, it appears the first 2 Christmas products have crept into my “New Products” post!! There’s also loads more new choccies and treats in this edition 🙂 Kit Kat Santas (gf, not df) – I’m guessing most of you have run out of your Easter Kit Kat Bunny stash??! Don’t fear, Santa is…

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  • 10 of The Most Stupid Things About a Gluten Free Diet

    4th September 2020

    10 things that will make absolutely no sense to anyone else but us – because being gluten free can be so silly sometimes can’t it?! (1) Certain very normal words will become buzz words that just annoy you the second you hear them – for example brownie. Or crumbs. Or fruit salad. Never words that…

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  • The BEST 10 Retro Recipes: Nostalgic, Fun and Gluten Free!

    3rd September 2020

    I feel like my blog is being over-run by 90’s school dinner classics and retro recipes at the moment and I am here for it!!!! Next to each one, I’ve given you a rough idea of what ingredients you need (mainly because I think they all look complicated and I wanted to show you they’re…

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  • My BEST EVER Gluten Free Party Rings!!

    1st September 2020

    To my knowledge, Gluten Free Party Rings aren’t stocked on the free from supermarket shelves (yet!) so I wanted to make a quick and easy recipe so you can make them at home!!  My gluten free party rings recipe is a lot of fun to make and uses basic ingredients. The icing is actually *very*…

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  • My Gluten Free Weekly Meal Plan (4)

    31st August 2020

    Welcome to the 4th Edition of my Weekly Meal Plan!!! Going to get straight into it this week… the breakfasts were easy to plan because I’m hooked on Mesa Sunrise haha (disclaimer – I worked with them on an ad this week for My Cornflake Tart but as you know this is my genuine plan…

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