10 Surprisingly Gluten Free Chocolate Spreads (dairy free options too)

26th May 2023
Blog post

You guys gave me the inspiration for this one…given how many of you were shocked by the fact the M&S Golden Blond Chocolate Spread is gluten free, I wanted to share another 9 unexpectedly gluten free chocolate spreads!!


Suprisingly Gluten Free Chocolate Spreads

M&S Golden Blond Chocolate Spread

M&S Milk & Cookies Chocolate Spread

Asda Cookies and Cream

Cadburys Milk Chocolate Spread (in most Supermarkets)

Asda Chocolate Orange Spread

Galaxy Cookie Crumble Spread (in Asda)

Lindt Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

Lindt Dark Chocolate Spread

Tiptree Banoffee Spread

Tiptree Salted Caramel Spread


Vego Hazelnut Spread

Sweet Freedom Chocolate Spread

Nature’s Store Hazelnut Spread

M&S Plant Kitchen Smooth Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

Jim Jams Hazelnut Spread

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