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  • 16 New Gluten Free Products: 23rd April 2021

    23rd April 2021

    This edition has a wholeeee lot of stuff… sweets, mains, even 5 new breads. Yes FIVE!!! Loads of normal aisle finds too. And one warning at the bottom. ENJOY! Jess x Sainsburys Salted caramel Crispy Squares (gf, df) – picture curtesy of @fittiefodmapldn – Sainsburys have released loads of new products recently! Personally like these…

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  • 17 New Products: 10th April 2021

    11th April 2021

    All sorts of products here, from ice cream to BBQ food! **I have found these products on supermarkets websites so I’m relying on their ingredients lists to be accurate – please check the ingredients in stores too just incase they’ve made a mistake!** Aldi’s Mini Viennese Vanilla Ice Creams (gf, contains dairy) – oh hello!…

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  • Gluten Free Mini Egg Cookies

    1st April 2021

    Well hello Gluten Free Mini Egg Cookies…!!! I made these for Charlie because he loves my chunky NYC Cookies and lovesssss Mini Eggs. Take the New York Cookies, dip the bases in chocolate and dip in crushed mini eggs and voila!!! Whilst you’re here, fancy some more Easter bits? GUIDES: (1) My Gluten Free Easter…

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  • 11 New Gluten Free Products: 24th March 2021

    24th March 2021

    ASDA Cookies & Cream Flavour Spread (gf, contains dairy)– the biggy! I have checked and checked and checked and I’m 100% sure Asda’s website says this is gluten free!!!! I know… doubly dreamy Ferrero Squirrel (gf, contains dairy) – oh hello, just when I thought this wasn’t coming back to the market this year, he…

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  • My Favourite Products: March 2021

    17th March 2021

    I always love finding out what products are the current faves in everyone’s trollies at the moment, so I thought it would only be fair if I shared mine! Here’s 10 products that I’ve been buying every week but that are quite new discoveries to me. None of them are ads, they’re just things I’ve…

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  • Tips for Eating Out Gluten Free: ‘how to make it easy’

    10th March 2021

    New to eating out whilst gluten free? Or just haven’t eaten out for a while and needed a refresher? Everyone handles things differently but here’s the process I go through whilst eating out, gluten free style! Actually, a quick note before we get going: (its a note to myself too because I’m still getting comfortable…

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  • My Favourite Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

    9th March 2021

    My Gluten Free Chocolate Cake: First up, I should tell you what to expect from my favourite chocolate cake! Think “chocolate Victoria Sponge” – that makes total sense in my head, I hope it does in yours too haha!!! This isn’t a super duper rich, Bruce Bogtrotter style chocolate cake recipe. It has allllll the…

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  • 16 New Gluten Free Products: 3rd March 2021

    4th March 2021

    Deliciously Ella Chocolate (gf, df) – Expensive (like all vegan choc) at £7 for 2 bars. Love the fact its made with just 5 natural ingredients. Packed into a letterbox sized box. Wouldn’t mind one of these magically appearing through my door haha Sharwoods Green Thai Kit (gf, contains dairy) & Pad Thai Kit (gf,…

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