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  • 17 New Gluten Free Products: 12th Nov 2020

    12th November 2020

    Evening all!! I can’t really believe that we’re in November and I’m still writing “New Products” posts where I can find TONS of non-Christmassy brand new bits to share!!! I’ve only included 2 Christmas ones that really stood out, the rest will be here all year around 🙂 **As always, please check the ingredients for…

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  • Gluten Free Festive Drinks: Coffee Shop Guide (dairy free too)

    10th November 2020

    My Gluten Free Festive Drinks Guide was born last year. I was stood in Costa, wanting to participate in the festive hot chocolate drinking…. black forest, gingerbread, irish velvet. Yum!! But to be completely honest, I couldn’t be bothered to ask for the allergen book so I just went for my usual. THAT SHOULDN’T BE…

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  • 10 Easy, Gluten Free Dinner Ideas

    5th November 2020

    Stuck for gluten free dinner ideas? Hopefully this will help! Whilst there are 1000’s of recipes in the world, we tend to stick the same few on repeat. I thought I’d share the ones on repeat in this household so you can add them to your repertoire too! 10 Gluten Free Dinner Ideas: Tried, tested…

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  • My Yummy Cinnamon Roll Pancakes! Gluten Free

    4th November 2020

    Cinnamon Rolls have recently taken over my Instagram feed, so naturally I decided I had to turn them into Cinnamon Roll Pancakes. This recipe makes fluffy American style pancakes with a spiral of delicious cinnamon and a traditional, sticky cinnamon roll drizzle. They are quick to make, yet super yummy and indulgent!! Exactly what we…

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  • Gluten Free “Mars” Soft Centres Cookies Recipe

    3rd November 2020

    How these Gluten Free Mars Cookies came about: Standard practise in this household… we’re walking around the shops, Charlie sees something that contains gluten, I want it, I go home and make my own version 🙂 When I set out to make Mars Cookies, I never expected them to be this good. I was half…

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  • My Gluten Free Advent Calendar Guide (Dairy Free section too)

    29th October 2020

    My Guide to Gluten Free Advent Calendars is here!!!!! Being one of the most indecisive people in the world, last year I found it really hard to pick an advent calendar. Its even harder when you don’t know which are gluten free so you’re not even sure what you’ve got to pick from!! Hopefully this…

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  • 25 NEW Gluten Free Products: 27th Oct 2020

    27th October 2020

    There’s so many new bits this week that I’ve divided it into 3: (1) Tesco (2) Waitrose (3) Asda *As always, please double check the ingredients for yourself incase anything has changed. Also, because of coronavirus I’m venturing out a lot less so I rely on the ingredients info on the supermarkets website.** TESCO Sharwood’s…

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  • How to Make Halloween Bark

    22nd October 2020

    Halloween Bark!!! Minutes to make. Basic Ingredients. You can adapt it to any allergies. And its not expensive either! Such an fun thing to make! Either treat yourself or leave on someone’s doorstep as a special treat in these strange old times 🙂 I’ve included some of the steps below (1) how to make the…

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