• Tips for Eating Out Gluten Free: ‘how to make it easy’

    10th March 2021

    New to eating out whilst gluten free? Or just haven’t eaten out for a while and needed a refresher? Everyone handles things differently but here’s the process I go through whilst eating out, gluten free style! Actually, a quick note before we get going: (its a note to myself too because I’m still getting comfortable…

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  • What Alcohol Is Gluten Free? Quick List & Helpful Tips

    4th August 2020

    Gluten Free Alcohol questions are probably the most common in my inbox! I do like the odd Aperol or two myself ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve gathered together all the “rules” for you to have a look over, with a little help from Coeliac UK (as always!). Hope it helps and shout if you’ve got any questions –…

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  • Hosting a Gluten Free Guest: a letter to someone who’s cooking for you

    14th July 2020

    I’ve written a little letter to anyone hosting a gluten free guest. It runs through all of the basic things the host needs to know, to ensure the guest is safe and well ๐Ÿ™‚ If you’re coeliac, I’m hoping I’ve written it in such a way that you feel completely comfortable in sending this to…

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  • Gluten free Snacks Guide (on-the-go)

    9th October 2019

    I thought it would be useful to put together a quick guide of snacks you can buy when you’re out and about. Can’t believe how expensive it can be to pick up snacks when you’e gluten free!!! So, I’ve included a list of the items that are under ยฃ1 in each location too. Hopefully you’ll…

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  • Ice Cream: Coeliac/Gluten Free Guide

    21st July 2019

    Here’s a few bits and pieces you might find useful to help get the very best coeliac friendly, dairy free ice cream! From cones and sprinkles to a list of the safe options from the ice cream man!! (1) Gluten free cones exist Yep, its true!! I’m not going to lie, its a bit like…

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  • Do you know about Bella Italia?

    18th June 2019

    Bet youโ€™re asking โ€œdo I know what?โ€. Well, do you know how amazing they are for allergens?? I didnโ€™t. Iโ€™ve really been missing out. Hereโ€™s why… WHY I WENT I hadnโ€™t been to Bella Italia since my uni years. Since my coeliac/dairy free diagnosis, itโ€™s been one of those places I just walked past, assuming…

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  • Cรดte Brasserie: 5 reasons why I love you

    18th May 2019

    I was lucky enough to be asked by Cรดte Brasserie if I’d like to head down to one of their 96 restaurants across the UK and enjoy a 3-course meal, to celebrate Coeliac Awareness Week… ERM YESS!!!!! I’m actually a regular there already and this review will tell you why you should be too! The…

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  • Bruges: Where’s the GF/DF chocolate at!

    1st September 2018

    Just got back from a lovely little trip to Bruges. Having asked my fellow coeliac Instagram & FB friends for restaurant recommendations before we left, I was a little concerned that the most popular reply was โ€œgood luck!โ€. Aside from the fact that its the chocolate capital of the world and I cant have dairy…

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