The Ultimate Gluten Free Ice Cream Guide

21st July 2019
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Here’s a few bits and pieces you might find useful to help get the very best gluten free ice cream. Coeliac friendly, dairy free too! From cones and sprinkles to a list of the safe options from the ice cream man!!

(1) List of Coeliac Safe Ice Lollies

Here’s my quick list of the most popular/readily available lollies. You might find some surprising bits!

This list is correct as of May 2023 – as always, check the labels for yourself just incase something has changed.


  • Lots of Magnums – included a list of the ones that aren’t gf below.
  • Solero (all flavours that I can see!)
  • Calippo (all flavours and sizes that I can see!)
  • Mini Milk
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Stick
  • Cadbury Crunchie Blast Stick
  • Snickers Ice Cream
  • Skittles Rainbow Sticks Fruity Flavoured 
  • Orange del Monte
  • Fab
  • Rowntree Fruit pastille lollies – NOT the push ups
  • Rowntrees Fruit Stack – NOT the push ups
  • Rowntrees Watermelon Lolly – NOT the push ups
  • Twister
  • Mr Jubbly (all flavours I can see)
  • Judes Salted Caramel “Magnums” (not the vegan one)
  • Haagen Dazs lollies (haven’t found one that isn’t gluten free yet!)
  • Smooze lolly
  • Little Moons – all except the flavours listed below
  • Wicked Kitchen Chocolate & Almond Sticks (vegan)
  • Wicked Kitchen Berry White (vegan)


For these, I don’t think there’s 1 famous brand so I’ve just checked all of the supermarket own brands (tesco, asda, m&s etc) and can’t find any that contain gluten…

  • Strawberry Spilts
  • Screwballs
  • Rocket lolly
  • Helter Skelter Lollies
  • Pink Lemonade Lollies
  • Orange Juice lollies
  • Most Supermarket Own Brand Magnums (except the obvious “cookies” flavoured etc)
  • Choc ice


(I’ve put the most surprising ones to me at the top)

  • Milky Bar White Chocolate Lolly *NEW for 2022 – this was safe before but is now a may contain.
  • Rowntrees Fruit Pastille Push Up Lollies (may contain)
  • Cadbury Darkmilk Ice Cream Sticks (may contain)
  • Lemonade (R Whites – May contain)
  • Feast
  • Nobbly Bobbly
  • Kit Kat Ice Lolly
  • Mars Ice Lolly
  • Malteser Ice Lolly
  • All of the Magnums with cookie in the name & also the ”Billionaire” ones
  • Cadburys Boost
  • Oreo Sandwiches
  • Lotus Biscoff Sticks
  • Ben and Jerry’s Sticks (havent found any that are safe!)
  • Judes Vegan “Magnums”
  • Judes Triple Chocolate “Magnum”
  • Little Moons Strawberry Cheesecake, Mango Cheesecake and Cookie Dough

(2) Gluten free cones exist

Here’s a few options on the market for 2023.

The first pic is Morrisons.

M&S also have some this year but you can’t get them online yet so haven’t got a pic

(3) Careful of CC when eating at an ice cream parlour

Cross contamination risk comes from: (1) There’s probably gluten-containing cones being used – if any crumbs from the cones get in the ice cream tubs, they’ll be contaminated and (2) some of the ice creams might not be gluten free too. If the server uses the same scoop from those ice creams/drops any of the gluten ice cream into the gluten free tubs, they’ll be contaminated. .

Standard rules apply – here’s some questions to check yourself / the server to check its as safe as possible and if you’re not satisfied with the answers, find somewhere else!

  • Are there crumbs from the cones everywhere?
  • Will they use a clean scoop for you?
  • Have they washed their hands/changed their gloves?
  • Can you ask them to use a fresh tub of ice cream just incase some crumbs from a cone for a previous customer got into the tub you’re about to be served from?

(4) Want a bit of sauce of on your ice cream?

There’s lots of options out there but just wanted to flag the Askey’s range as they’re all gluten free. The toffee sauce is the only one that contains dairy (yes the choc sauce doesn’t!!!!).

(5) Sprinkles aren’t always gluten free

They sometimes contain wheat. Grrrrr. Here’s one I’ve nearly slipped up on before.

(6) Dairy Free is a little harder – want to know my faves?

Here’s my guide to the best gluten AND dairy free ice creams around!

(7) Dairy free chocolate sprinkles exist!

Wahhooooooo!! Sneaky little find in Asda yesterday.

NB: this particular brand isn’t suitable for milk allergy sufferers but I’m just intolerant and wont be consuming these in any large quantity (or maybe I will :P), so I should be fine!

(8) Want some ice cream based recipes???!

Hope this is helpful! Jess x

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