Ice Cream: Coeliac/Gluten Free Guide

21st July 2019

Here’s a few bits and pieces you might find useful to help get the very best coeliac friendly, dairy free ice cream! From cones and sprinkles to a list of the safe options from the ice cream man!!

(1) Gluten free cones exist

Yep, its true!! I’m not going to lie, its a bit like eating gluten free bread… not quite the same but better than missing out!

This is the brand I’ve bought in the past from Amazon and H&B. Click here for the companies website where you can find a list of stockists.

(2) Sprinkles aren’t always gluten free

They sometimes contain wheat. Grrrrr. Here’s one I’ve nearly slipped up on before:

(3): Careful of CC when eating at an ice cream parlour

Its likely that not all the ice creams are gluten free & I’m 99% sure the cones wont be either. Standard rules apply – are there cone crumbs everywhere? Will they use a clean scoop for you? Maybe can you even ask them to use a fresh tub just incase?

(4) Want a bit of sauce of on your ice cream?

The Askey’s range is great! Here it is – even the toffee sauce is gluten free (but contains dairy).

(5) Comprehensive List of Coeliac Safe Ice Creams

Here’s my quick list of the most popular/readily available lollies (correct as of summer 2019). You might find some surprising bits…


  • Some Magnums – loads are safe eg double caramel. If they are safe, they state “gluten free” at the end of the ingredients.
  • Orange Solero
  • Calippo
  • Mini milk
  • Choc ice (dales)
  • Orange (del Monte)
  • Freaky foot
  • Screwballs
  • Rocket lolly (ice king) 
  • Fab
  • Fruit pastille (rowntree)
  • Lemonade (r whites)
  • Twister


  • Some Magnums – eg white choc and cookies 
  • Feast
  • Traditional Cornetto
  • Nobbly Bobbly ?

Coeliac UK actually have a list too – the most recent is from 2017 but its still a good guide! Click here.

*Always check again when purchasing incase the ingredients have changed!!!*

(6) Want to know what the best gluten, dairy free ice creams are?

Here’s my guide to the best gluten, dairy free ice creams around!

(7) Dairy free chocolate sprinkles exist!

Wahhooooooo!! Sneaky little find in Asda yesterday.

NB: this particular brand isn’t suitable for milk allergy sufferers but I’m just intolerant and wont be consuming these in any large quantity so I should be fine!

(8) Want some ice cream based recipes???!

Hope this is helpful! Jess x

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