• 14 New Gluten Free Products: 23/06/2020

    23rd June 2020

    Ok, there’s definitely more than 14 new gluten free products here but I’ve grouped some of them into sections so I don’t bombard you! Hope you find a few exciting bits. Enjoy!! Marks RAINBOW Colin the Caterpillers! – How cute are these!! pic courtesy of @_well_this_is_new Leon GFC Nuggets – thank heavens. Leon have released…

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  • 12 *Everyday Products* you might not expect to be Gluten Free

    18th May 2020

    This blog post is dedicated to the essential, every day gluten free products that fill the nations trolleys every week, but that you might not know are gluten free. PS. If you were hoping for “Hidden Gems”, i.e. not the every day stuff but the more special items like crispy chilli beef, click here! As…

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  • 10 NEW Gluten Free Products

    5th May 2020

    My Instagram Feed is usually FULLLLLL of new gluten free products but, obviously, at the moment its gone a little quiet. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any new gluten free products hitting the shelves though. Here’s a quick round up of bits I’ve seen recently: (1) Rhythm 108 Milk & Hazelnut Truffle Chocolate Bars. £3.60…

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  • My Ultimate Gluten Free Easter Guide 2020

    21st February 2020

    This guide is divided up into the following, each with a list of products and a gallery of pics so its easier to flick through: (1) Gluten Free, Contains Dairy (2) Gluten Free, Dairy Free (3) NOT GLUTEN FREE! **As always, please check the packets in case ingredients have changed!!** Hope its helpful!! Jess x…

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  • 5 Lunch Ideas including my Gluten Free Buddha Bowl

    9th January 2020

    Lunch can be a bit boring right?! Its easy to get in the routine of having the same old sandwiches and salads. Well, here’s 5 NEW IDEAS to get your brain whirring, including MY CHINESE INSPIRED BUDDHA BOWL. They’re all designed to be mega easy to prep, filling and warming for the colder months! They…

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  • Asda: Gluten Free Christmas

    28th November 2019

    I’ve broken this down into (1) Savoury and (2) Sweet. Each of the sections is then broken down into A. gluten & dairy free and B. just gluten free. I’ve also indicated whether it’s from the free from aisle/the normal aisles, hopefully to make it easier for you to hunt down these bits!! (1) Savoury…

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  • 21 NEW Gluten Free Products For Christmas 2019

    15th November 2019

    There’s loads of free from goodies hitting the supermarkets so thought it might be fun to share 20 things I’m pretty excited about that I don’t think were around in 2018!! Everything is gluten free. I have labelled anything that is dairy free. As always, please check labels yourself whilst you’re in store, just incase…

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  • Gluten free Snacks Guide (on-the-go)

    9th October 2019

    I thought it would be useful to put together a quick guide of snacks you can buy when you’re out and about. Can’t believe how expensive it can be to pick up snacks when you’e gluten free!!! So, I’ve included a list of the items that are under £1 in each location too. Hopefully you’ll…

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