Our Favourite Gluten Free BBQ Products

21st July 2022
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I’ve put together a list of our favourite gluten free bits for a BBQ – from buns to meat, sauces and sides. If you’re a little bit lost for where to start or looking for something new, hopefully this will help 🙂

Want some more info? Read my guide: “How to Stay Coeliac Safe at a BBQ”

White Buns

I personally like a white, floury squidgy bun. I recently reviewed the options on the market in an “Eat Well for Less Reel” so my top picks are M&S or Morrisons (almost as good as M&S but cheaper).

If you’re after something a bit different, I recommend trying M&S Tiger Rolls or Warburtons Brioche.


Sainsbury’s Summer Edition Sweet Chilli British Beef Kebabs – full of flavour. Recommend sealing them in a pan before cooking to stop them falling apart.

Sainsbury’s Summer Edition Sweet Chilli British Chicken Bone in Skin Thighs – cook them in the oven and finish off on the bbq to get the outside nice and crispy!

Tesco Finest 6 Pork & Bramley Apple Sausages – just incase you couldn’t guess from my insta, I have a sweet tooth so I love apple sausages!!! I’ve tried quite a few brands and so far my fave are these from Tesco…

The Jolly Hog Bbq Pulled Pork – available in lots of the supermarkets now and I always cook this in the oven to serve ontop of burgers. YUM!

Tesco Maple & Bourbon Pork Belly Slices – something you might not expect to be gluten free!

M&S 6 Posh Dog Pork Sausages with Smoky Seasoning – haven’t tried these but sooo many of you said they’re delish

M&S Coronation Chicken Flatties and 4 Garlic & Herb Chicken Flatties – really yummy alternative to chicken kebabs.

Vegan Meat

Beyond Meat Burgers – I haven’t tried these yet but you guys are mad for them so they had to have a place in this guide!

Sides and Sauces

Corn, Avo, Tomato Salad (here’s someone elses recipe I’ve been using – tons of versions online!) I reaaally love making this at the moment. If you make in advance, keep the avocado stone in the bowl to keep the avocado as fresh as possible.

Sainsbury’s Moroccan Style Dressing – had this at a friends bbq and now I’m obsessed. I’m not usually into dressings but this slighty sweet, Moroccan spiced and reaally good!

There’s some more info on sauces and other condiments in my “How to Stay Coeliac Safe at a BBQ” but generally, most tomato ketchups, BBQ sauce and mayo’s are gluten free.

Other Bits you guys love

Here’s some of the other bits you said you love:

  • Aldi Chilli Halloumi
  • Aldi Frozen Burgers
  • Aldi BBQ Koftas
  • Asda Pulled Pork
  • Oompf Burgers
  • Asda Jumbo Hot Dogs
  • M&S Polenta Wedges

Want some more info? Read my guide: “How to Stay Coeliac Safe at a BBQ”

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