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Hi, I’m Jessica Galsworthy – welcome to my blog! I’m a 27 year old, self confessed foodie. Half the week, I live in the Essex countryside with two beautiful puppies and the other half, I live with my boyfriend in Chelsea. That’s a slight contrast, I know!

So, where did this blog start?

The date was Sept 5th 2017, my birthday. The date on which I was told my favourite pastime was about to become my biggest challenge… eating.

The doctors had diagnosed with coeliac disease, which requires a strict gluten free diet. In addition, I learned that I was intolerant to dairy, potato, yeast, sesame, corn and oats…nightmare! Even things I’d never heard of, like “Amaranth” (?!). I thought this was going to be a near on impossible to deal with, ontop of a full time London job and ME/CFS.

Several days and multiple failed attempts at eating out later, I decided enough was enough. I had to turn this into a challenge and I had to win!

Step 1: Instagram. Find inspiration and get excited about food again.

Step 2: this website. Hopefully a place to share really easy, tried and tested recipes, along with tips and tricks for managing a gluten/dairy free diet. I want to make it easier for everyone else too!

I LOVE putting it together… hope you like reading it too!

Jessica Galsworthy (aka Jessica’s Kitchen) x 

PS. if you want to read my full diagnosis story, click here. Also, please feel free to message me on social media or via the Contact page if you have any questions about my story, recipes, products… anything at all. No question is too silly!

Jessica Galsworthy - Jessica's Kitchen
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