• 24 New Gluten Free Products: 26th Oct 2021

    26th October 2021

    I’ve done by very best to find lots of goodies that are NOT Christmas related! It might be less than 10 weeks until Christmas but it is only October so I have been able to find plenty of other goodies… Christmas stuff saved for another day 🙂 SWEET Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Nut Butter Bars Cocoa…

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  • 20 New Gluten Free Products: 15th Sept 2021

    15th September 2021

    I’ve divided this edition into 3: Sweet, Savoury and Seasonal. There are a LOTTTTT of gluten free Christmas products hitting the shelves, especially in Sainsbury’s, but I’ve avoided including these except a few special ones because ITS SEPTEMBER! SWEET Terrys Crispy Oranges (contains milk) – you would never think these would be gluten free but…

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  • 18 New Gluten Free Products: 6th August 2021

    9th August 2021

    It’s been a while but I’ve been saving up all my new finds fans I’ve put them all in this post – you’ve got 18!! Sweet, savoury, all gluten free, some dairy free… enjoy! Ferrero Rocher Bar (gf, contains dairy) – said to hit the supermarket shelves on Aug 9th and apparently no gluten/may contains!!!…

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  • 18 New Gluten Free Products: 12th July 2020

    12th July 2021

    There’s a whole lot of mains in this edition! Ready meals, takeaway options, the lot… Hope there’s something new in there for you 🙂 Domino’s Gluten Free Pizza bases (made by Schar – more info here) Warburtons Squares (gf, df) – available in Tescos or directly on Warburtons website Ocado/M&S Buffalo Chicken Tenders with Hot…

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  • 25 New Gluten Free Products: 17th June 2021

    17th June 2021

    This new products guide is broken into 2: (1) the new M&S products and (2) the rest! Hope there’s something new and exciting in here for you… All the New M&S Products Tiger Loaf, Samosa and Crumpets (gluten, dairy free). My reviews of these three here M&S Tiger Rolls (gluten, dairy free) M&S Plant Kitchen…

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  • 20 New Gluten Free Products: 21st May 2021

    21st May 2021

    White Rabbit Aubergine Parmigiana (gf, df) – this has been getting rave reviews on Instagram. Cant wait to get my hands on some! White Rabbit Focaccine (gf, df) – tried this a week ago and its absolutely delicious and really fluffy! Highly recommend. M&M Brownies (gf, contains dairy) – what a find!!!! Picture courtesy of…

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  • 20 New Gluten Free Products at M&S today! With Reviews!!

    13th May 2021

    The 3 big ones: (1) MADE WITHOUT SAMOSAS – gluten and dairy free I reaaaallly want to say they’re absolutely amazing but instead I have to say they’re good. They certainly fill a gap in the market, the filling is absolutely delish and I will definitely buy them again. So why not “absolutely amazing”? (1)…

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  • 24 New Gluten Free Products: 8th May 2021

    8th May 2021

    I could have had 50 new products this week – but I’ve tried to keep it down to the most exciting ones!!! There’s a lot of new BBQ food around so I’m thinking of making a special BBQ edition next week. What do you think? Let me know on Instagram! Enjoy…. ASDA Slow Cooked Chicken…

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