• 16 New Gluten Free Products 29th Sept 2022

    30th September 2022

    All sorts of new bits for you today. I’ve split the guide into savoury and sweet. One Warning at the bottom. SAVOURY Tesco Finest Chicken Pad Thai (dairy free) – so rare to find a gluten free pad thai ready meal, usually the sauce has gluten! Tesco Finest Beef, Chorizo Chilli & Rice (dairy free) – im…

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  • 17 New Gluten Free Products: 7th Sept 2022

    7th September 2022

    Schar Tarralli (lactose free) -I’ve tried these and they are AMAZING. Think soft breadstick hoops. Buttermilk Orange Segments (dairy free) – hello! I’ll be asking Santa for these 🙂 White Rabbit Risotto (dairy free) – White Rabbit products are expensive but I think they’re good quality and a nice treat. Asda Range – Asda have…

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  • 16 New Gluten Free Products: 4th August 2022

    4th August 2022

    Pizza Express toppings – chilli Prawn & ‘Nduja, Hoisin Duck, Zucchini and Ricotta (some dairy free) Sainsbury’s Free From Pesto & Vegetable Quiche (contains dairy) Tesco Maple Bbq Pork Loin Steaks With Smoky Glaze (dairy free) GU Cherry Panna Cotta (contains dairy) Elevensies – in Home Bargains (think they’re 59p!) (contains dairy) Whole Earth Drizzler…

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  • 22 New Gluten Free Products: 28th June 2022

    28th June 2022

    I’ve broken it into 3 this week: drinks, sweet and savoury. Hope there’s some new bits in there for you… DRINKS Dash Water Mango Infused Sparkling Waters (gf, df) – LOVE this water and haven’t tried this flavour yet. Pret Seltzers (gf, df) – can be difficult to get a drink in coffee shops (the…

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  • 20 New Gluten Free Products: 9th June 2022

    9th June 2022

    This edition is split into 3: savoury, sweet and some other info. Hope there’s some new bits in there for you! Enjoy, Jess x SAVOURY Misfits Cereal (gf, df) – a gluten free protein cereal… I love their bars but I’m not sure I can try this at £7.50 a box!!!!!!! Bfree Muffins (gf, df)…

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  • 6 New Products & 6 Dinner Ideas: 18th May 2022

    18th May 2022

    I asked you lovely lot whether you’d like to see some new products or some dinner ideas and you gave a 50/50 response so I thought I’d share a bit of both! Hope its helpful, Jess x 6 New Products I could have written LOADS again but here are 6 that stood out to me…

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  • 20 New Gluten Free Products: 4th May 2022

    4th May 2022

    Evening all!! Been a few weeks so thought I’d share a few new finds that have caught my eye! The BBQ ranges seem to be hitting the shelves so I’ll update all my BBQ food posts asap!! Schar Choc Chip Cookies (gf, lactose free) – think Maryland cookies! B’Good Peanut and Chocolate Protein Bars –…

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  • 20 New Gluten Free Products: 21st April 2022

    22nd April 2022

    It’s been a while!!!!! Most of the supermarkets have been flooded with new Easter bits but there’s been a few non-Easter goodies popping up too. Here’s some of the ones that stood out to me… Galaxy Vegan and Topic Vegan available in Asda – dairy free. I’ve tried these and I wasn’t a massive fan…

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