13 New Gluten Free Products: 26th Oct 2022

28th October 2022

Mcdonald’s Hash Brown Waffles (dairy free) – not only are these made of gluten free ingredients, but also I’m reliably informed by several managers at Mcdonald’s that they’re fried with gf foods so they’re safe!!

Schar Flatbread (dairy free) – £2.50, quite a high price point but nice to have something different

Schar Milk Slice (lactose free) – £2, haven’t seen any reviews yet. Anyone tried them, what do you think?

Schar Calzone Bites (contains dairy) – £3, these have been getting rave reviews

Asda Katsu and Korma meal kits (dairy free) £2.50 – love this sort of thing. Easy dinner but not a microwave meal so I can chuck lots of veggies in and make it my own.

Bfree Tiger Rolls – cant find a pic but there’s some new rolls on the shelves!!

Asda Party Mix (some pieces contain dairy) – Nacho bean and Chilli Cheese bites. Frozen “spicy party pack”. £4/16 pieces

Tesco Promise Bread – already in other supermarkets but this is finally in tesco! Personally love the white loaf.

Well & Truly Crisps – new loops!

Asda Milk Chocolate Viennese Fingers (contains dairy) – £2.20, very very good reviews!!

Kirsty’s Mac and Cheeze (dairy free) – £3

Heck – they’re on a roll with loads of new products at the minute but here are two that stood out to me!

Christmas Sandwiches – I won’t talk about Christmas too much yet but there are sandwiches appearing on the shelves of places like Tesco and given our sandwich choice is pretty limited for the rest of the year, I think we can allow it 🙂 Christmas chocs you cant get throughout the rest of the year here

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