• ME Tips: UK Fitness Day

    25th September 2019

    A VERY different post from me but I’m trying to be big and brave here… Its U.K. Fitness Day today – “a chance to highlight the role physical activity plays across the UK”. I thought it would be a good opportunity to share the role that physical activity has played in my life as it’s…

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  • Mindful Living Show 2018: my takeaways

    1st June 2018

    Firstly, mindfulness – what’s that I hear you say?! I was asking the same question a few months back, but now I’m slowly but surely turning into a fully fledged yoga loving, meditating, mindful eating fan. I wouldn’t have been able to define mindfulness before today but for newbies like me, think of it as…

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  • MY STORY: “Don’t worry, we just need to find out what you can’t have, it might just be tomatoes!”

    16th May 2018

    As it’s coeliac awareness week, I thought I’d share a bit of my story with you. Hopefully it might help a few people or maybe it’ll just be an interesting read 🙂 MY CFS/ME Starting at the very beginning (a very good place to start!), in 2007 I had 2 years off school as I…

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  • TOP 5: Things that need fixing in 2017

    23rd October 2017

    Notes to 5 companies who could make my life a whole lot easier!! Not moans, just easy things to fix 1. Lola’s cupcakes: You have GF. You have Vegan (DF). Why not make one a combination of both so I haven’t got to have the torment of walking past your beautiful Covent Garden stall every…

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