The Ultimate Guide to Gluten Free Halloween Sweets 2022

20th October 2021
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Here’s my 2022 guide to GLUTEN FREE HALLOWEEN SWEETS!!! Guide is broken up into (1) Gluten Free & Dairy Free (2) Gluten Free, Contains Dairy (3) Not gluten free (here, I’ve included the bits that aren’t obvious so easy to slip up on)

Long story short, the general pattern is:

  • Gluten free: Haribo, Swizzels, Chupa Chups
  • Not gluten free: Barrett and Mars brands

…but there’s always exceptions, just to make our lives a little more complicated 😉

Also, get yourself to M&S. They have an amazing range of special Halloween bits and most of them are gluten free!!

As always, please check the product ingredients yourself. I have relied on supermarkets online info and they have made mistakes before!



  • Trick or Treat Multipack
  • Monsters Zing Halloween Sweets Bag
  • Haribo Sour Skeleton
  • Tanfastricks
  • Haribo & Maoam Duo Pouch Sweets


  • Swizzels Scary Mix
  • Trick or Sweet 
  • Sweet Shop Favourites Tub/Pouch
  • Bumper Bag
  • Curious Chews
  • Drumstick Squashies
  • Party Bag Mix

Chupa Chups

  • Mini Chupa Chups
  • Sour Chupa Chups


  • Stripes Chewy Sweets Bag
  • Pinballs Halloween Sweets Sharing Bag
  • Halloween Mix

Marks and Spencer

  • M&S Fruity Creepy Carnival Jellies 3
  • M&S Colin the Caterpillar Risky Roulette Gums 
  • M&S Food Witches Teeth
  • M&S Scarily Sour Jellies Multipack
  • M&S Percy Pig Gets Spooky Fruit Flavoured Gums
  • M&S Sour Spiders Jellies


  • Free From Halloween Choc Lollipop (yes, dairy free too!!)
  • Sour Spiders
  • Fizzy Fangs

No pics on their website but there’s also:

  • Halloween Ghosts & Pumpkins Marshmallow
  • Halloween Lollipops


  • Moo Free Spooky Chums



  • Goo Heads
  • Cadburys Treat Bag
  • Small bags of buttons

Marks and Spencer

  • Shock Horror Corn
  • Zombie Chocolate Eyeballs
  • Creepy Crawlies Chocolates
  • Menacing Menagerie Chocs
  • Jelly Brain
  • Toffee Apple Platter (in the fridges)
  • Eeire eyeballs
  • Choc Lollipops
  • Bubbly Boo
  • Omballs


Other Supermarkets

  • Morrisons White Chocolate Skeleton Bones
  • Sainsbury’s Milk Chocolate Pumpkins 
  • Tesco Klc Creepy Pumpkins Solid Milk Chocolate

Marks and Spencer Savoury

I know this is a sweet guide but the savoury bits at Marks ae so good that we had to share!!

  • M&S Vampire Fangs Cheese Flavoured Corn Snack
  • M&S Sweet Chilli Combo Mix
  • M&S Butternut Squash Ribs
  • M&S Pork & Maple Bonfire Bangers
  • M&S Wriggling Worms Sausages
  • M&S Carrot Witchy Fingers
  • M&S Meaty Mummies

NOT GLUTEN FREE but not obvious!!

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