• 16 New Gluten Free Products: 3rd March 2021

    4th March 2021

    Deliciously Ella Chocolate (gf, df) – Expensive (like all vegan choc) at £7 for 2 bars. Love the fact its made with just 5 natural ingredients. Packed into a letterbox sized box. Wouldn’t mind one of these magically appearing through my door haha Sharwoods Green Thai Kit (gf, contains dairy) & Pad Thai Kit (gf,…

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  • Gluten Free Easter Eggs 2021

    12th February 2021

    I’ve broken this guide into 2 parts – (1) gluten free and (2) NOT gluten free. Each part is broken up into categories eg Cadburys, Mars, Terrys etc to hopefully make it easier to find something you fancy 🙂 Just incase its useful, we’ve got 3 gluten free guides to help this Easter: (1) Gluten…

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  • 19 New Gluten Free Products: 8th Feb 2021

    8th February 2021

    Sainsburys Cheese and Bacon Potato Skins (gf, contains dairy) – I think they have these around Christmas time? But never seen them stocked in the “normal” section all year round so that exciting 🙂 Plant Pioneers No Cheez Sauce (gf, df) – I’ve tried a few vegan “cheese” sauces and haven’t been impressed so I’m…

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  • 14 New Gluten Free Products: 26th Jan 2021

    26th January 2021

    Genuinely think this is the best “new products” post I’ve written in a long longggg time – I’ve actually tried the majority of the products below and LOVED every one. Enjoy… Easter Goodies!!! (gf, contains dairy) I will write a full easter guide, but for now, watch out for all these!!! Yes, the Terrys eggs,…

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  • What Cadbury Chocolate is gluten free? EASY GUIDE

    13th January 2021

    What Cadbury Chocolate is gluten free? One of my most asked questions so I thought I’d put together a little info to help out! I’ve broken this into 3 sections: (1) Heads up on Plain Dairy Milk (2) YES – The Stuff that is GLUTEN FREE (3) NO – The Stuff that ISN’T GLUTEN FREE.…

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  • My Favourite 10 Gluten Free Products of 2020

    8th January 2021

    2020 was a tough year and it would have been even tougher in Jessica’s Kitchen without my favourite gluten free products listed here!! 10 things I discovered last year and LOVED. All gluten & dairy free. My 10 Favourite Products Rhythm 108 Sweet and Salty – I reaaaaaaaaally love these (and so does Charlie who…

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  • 14 NEW Gluten Free Products: 6th Jan 2021

    6th January 2021

    Can you believe 2021 is here already?!! And with it comes some yummy new products (and the small matter of a vaccine… wahoooo!)!! Want to see what the supermarkets have added to their shelves? Keep scrolling 😉 (1) Kit Kat Mini Eggs – gluten free, contains dairy. The Kit Kat Santas might be off the…

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  • Unexpected Places to Find Gluten at Christmas: 2020

    16th December 2020

    Christmas Day can be so busy and there tends to be food everywhere so its even easier to make an mistake with one of my “unexpected placed to find gluten at Christmas”!! I’ve included a list of Christmas related foods below, all of which could contain gluten but you might not expect it! Not ALL…

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