18 New Gluten Free Products: 26th October 2023

26th October 2023

Half savoury, half sweet, all gluten free and all delicious!!!! As lots of you know, I’ve been off Instagram for a few months because I’ve had a baby boy. During that time, whenever I’ve seen a seriously amazing new product I’ve saved it on my phone ready to share with you lovely lot. And here it is!!! I think the next 18 products might make up the best “New Products” guide I’ve ever put together. Enjoy…


Morrisons Asian Party Selection (dairy free) £4.50 – 38p a bite… not sure if I think that’s a good price or not?! Going to taste test it this week so watch this space!!

Genius – Blueberry and Double Chocolate Pancakes (both flavours dairy free) – in the same pack as below but flavoured. Really excited to try these.

M&S Yorkshires (contains dairy) – Nice to have another pre-made gf Yorkshire option (only other one is the Real Yorkshire Pudding Co and they’re amazing so its got to be good!) *I have taste tested these and the reel is on my Instagram – shout if you cant find it*

Old El Paso Rice Bowl (both flavours dairy free) – I do buy ready meals but I’m generally disappointed by them so I’m looking forward to seeing if Old El Paso can change that *taste test coming!*

Be careful, they do have some flavours that are NOT gluten free but these two are safe…

White Rabbit Mozzarella & Garlic Flatbread £3.50 (contains dairy) – quite expensive but their bread based products are always delish and this one doesn’t disappoint either

Café Nero Cheddar Ploughmans Sandwich – “Tomato, Mature Cheddar Cheese, Roast Tomato Chutney and Rocket on a Gluten Free Brown Seeded Bloomer” – soooo good to have another high-street option, especially after Starbucks scrapped their panini.

Coop Chicken Nuggets – An easy one to miss!! Some days you just can’t beat chicken nuggets and chips! Taste a bit like Mcdonald’s. If you want EXACTLY like Mcdonald’s, try M&S’ version.


M&S Hazelnut and Caramel S’mores – oh hello!! In the freezer section

Aldi Bake at Home Choc Chip Cookies (contains dairy) £2.49 -I’m told these are really yummy and super easy to do. Perfect if you’re not into baking – you can’t beat a warm cookie!

Booja Booja Truffles – new ranges! Love this company. Very luxurious, rich tasting chocolates and highly addictive. Expensive but I always get a box for my birthday or Christmas and try to make them last as long as possible (aka a few hours).

Doughnut Time Doughnuts (dairy free options available) £9.90 for 2, £26.90 for 6. – The price is pretty mad and pretty sure they’re baked but the flavours sound fab so maybe good for a treat every now and again. Haven’t tried them yet but I’ve seen others say they’re amazing for a baked doughnut.

Allergy info here

Milkybar Speculoos (contains dairy) – yes its gluten free!!! Lots of Milkybar options are a may contain so I always love seeing what seasonal offerings they’ll bring to the shops *I have taste tested these and the reel is on my Instagram – shout if you cant find it*

M&S Café Individual Lemon Shortbread, Iced Bun (both contain dairy) & Made Without Dairy Bunny – love a bit of M&S. You guys all rave about those Iced buns so individual ones in the café will surely be a hit?! Have you seen they now have a gf afternoon tea too?

Nairns Toffee Oaties (dairy free) – new flavour in the Oaties range. REALLY dangerous biscuits. I could easily eat a whole pack of the original Oaties in one sitting and I’m sure this flavour will be no exception. Think Hob Nobs x Digestive. YUM!

White Rabbit Tiramisu (contains dairy) Individual pots for £2.25. Seems expensive but I’ve said that on a lot of products in this review so maybe I’m just out of touch haha. Either way, given its difficult to find gf sponge fingers, I’m sure this one will be a hit.

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