• 11 Gluten Free Mysteries

    16th June 2020

    11 things that are troubling me (yes, I have too much time on my hands…) (1) Why does gluten free bread smell a little odd? When you walk down the bakery aisle of a supermarket, it smells INSANE. Gluten free never smells like that. (2) Why are there some foods that seemingly can’t be made…

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  • 12 *Everyday Products* you might not expect to be Gluten Free

    18th May 2020

    This blog post is dedicated to the essential, every day gluten free products that fill the nations trolleys every week, but that you might not know are gluten free. PS. If you were hoping for “Hidden Gems”, i.e. not the every day stuff but the more special items like crispy chilli beef, click here! As…

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  • 7 Gluten Free Blog Posts To Help you Right Now!

    27th April 2020

    Hey everyone! It’s such a weird, tricky time right now. So, I thought I’d gather together 7 of my gluten free blog posts that could help in some way. Its broken into 3 sections: “Just diagnosed with coeliac disease” “to help with the shop and save money” “to help you to stay well” Click on…

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  • Gluten Free Food in the ‘Normal’ Aisles

    15th April 2020

    This guide includes a couple of product finds in the “normal” aisle of various supermarkets, that would be easy to miss because they definitely don’t sound like they’d be gluten free!! For example, would you ever pick up Sainsbury’s normal aisle Crispy Beef?!! Now you will 😉 Its in ALPHABETICAL order – Aldi, Asda, Coop,…

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  • 10 Most Common Questions about Coeliac Disease

    3rd February 2020

    Here are the answers to the 10 most common questions about coeliac disease that I receive through my DM’s I am no medical professional, this is just what I’ve learnt along the way! If you’re ever unsure about anything, contact Coeliac UK – they’re fab! (1) I’ve just been diagnosed, what advice do you have?…

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  • Gluten Free Substitutes for Our Favourite Foods

    20th January 2020

    When you’re gluten free, it feels like there’s LOADS of foods you can’t have, right? From Doritos to doughnuts. Well, I have news for you!! There’s a gluten free replacement for pretty much EVERYTHING. Have a look below 🙂 *Everything is correct at the time of posting, but as you know recipes can change so…

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  • 6 Tips to Make Gluten Free Cheaper

    3rd October 2019

    Some of these things may sound obvious but hopefully there might be a little tip in here for you, or just bits that a good to re-hear! (1) Make Some Swaps You’ve got to accept certain aspects of your weekly shop WILL be more expensive…bread, pasta, etc. Can you make some swaps so you don’t…

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  • Gluten Free Staples: making it cheaper

    1st October 2019

    We all know that living on a gluten free diet can be more expensive. So, I’ve had a little shop around to see if I can save you a bit of money on your weekly shop!! **All the prices were checked mid Sept 2019. They do not include any deals or offers. Prices of some…

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