Gluten Free Alternatives for Our Favourite Savoury Foods – from croissants to pot noodle

3rd August 2021
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When you’re gluten free, it feels like there’s LOADS of foods you can’t have, right? From Croissants and Doughnuts to Bisto and Dim Sum! Well, I have news for you!! There’s a gluten free substitute for pretty much EVERYTHING. Have a look below.

This guide is broken into 5 sections: (1) Bread (2) Pastries (3) Breakfast Foods (4) Cooking Ingredients (5) Other

Everything is correct at the time of posting, but as you know recipes can change so please always check the ingredients! This is especially true in Lidl & Aldi

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Bakery Style Soft White Rolls

(1) Most supermarkets have an own brand version but my followers favourites are M&S and Morrisons so if you haven’t found any you like yet, give these two a go! (2) Slightly different but everyone’s raving about the new Warburtons Squares

Crusty Loaf of Bread

(1) Genius Country White Loaf (2) Warburtons White Sourdough Cob (3) Consider a breadmaker – not cheap but the best loaf I’ve tried. Top tips and info about my breadmaker here (4) I’d also recommend searching on the internet/your areas coeliac FB group for a local bakery. In Shenfield, there’s a place called “Roses Bakery” that sells the best shop-bought gf loaf ever – served at Brentwood Kitchen

Tiger Loaf

All expensive but really good: (1) Warburtons Tiger Bloomer (2) Genius Tiger Bloomer (3) M&S (also has tiger rolls!)

Doughy Pizza Base

FOR HOME: (1) Use a naan! Works a treat (2) Supermarket favourites from my followers: Dr Oekter and Goodfellas

EATING OUT: (1) Dominos/Pizza Express/Pizza Hut are peoples favourite takeaway option

Part Baked Baguettes

(1) Schar -mini ones, (2) Glutamel Part Baked Baguettes – Ocado, (3) Tesco Free From (4) Promise Sourdough (5) BFree (6) “My Gluten Free Bakery” formerly Rana’s


(1) Asda Free From (2) Sainsbury’s Free From (3) Wheat Free Bakery. Top tip: don’t forget to splash with plenty of water before heating up otherwise they can all be very dry.


(1) My followers top choice: “My Gluten Free Bakery” -formerly Rana’s (2) Genius (3) NY Bagel Company – Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, (4) Tesco Free From – Plain or Cinnamon & Raisin (5) Schar


(1) Genius (2) Warburtons gluten free (3) M&S have some new ones too but much denser/flatter so would recommend the other two over these


(1) Davina Steel kit (2) White Rabbit Focaccine is incredible


Tons of brands available now but I recommend (1) Old El Paso gf – best for taste but small (2) Genius white wraps – best for size and foldability but not floury tasting like a non-gluten free wrap


(1) BFree – white ones are softer and tear less than the brown (2) M&S Wheat Free Range – I’ve never found these but apparently they are great. Both are best once warmed up/toasted


Schars are best by far. Small (expected!) but good. Also need warming up


General: Crossiants, Cinnamon Swirls, Chocolate Twists/Swirls, Cheese Twists

(1) You need Manna Dew!! Not cheap but they are the best. Pics below are all from their website… yes, they are gluten free!!!!!! Some are now dairy free too. Online company – click here.

(2) Lots of the supermarkets offer all of the above too now but nothing quite like Manna Dew!


There’s actually quite a few places you can get gf doughnuts now but these are my followers favourites: (1) Asda free from range, come frozen (2) Isabels – make at home (3) Borough 22 – order online (4) Wildcraft Bakery – last 2 pics below, “Coeliacs in the UK” fb group love these guys and the pics show why!!


All frozen, free from: (1) Tesco own (2) Sainsburys ‘Rule of Crumb’ (3) Asda (4) Morrisons

Shortcrust Pastry

Frozen from Genius – comes in a block so you can roll it out to any shape you need

Puff Pastry

Shocking pictures but all of these are good! Just depends what shape you want: (1) Jus-Rol – fresh, comes in a rectangular sheet (2) Asdas own – fresh, comes in a circular sheet, (3) Genius – frozen, comes in a block that you roll to any shape you like

Breakfast Foods


Nutribrex is the only “similar” option – definitely not the same taste but similar-ish texture and look

Nature’s Valley Cereal Bars

(1) Nature’s Valley Protein Cereal Bars are actually gluten free! (2) For a similar flapjack texture, Kind Honey Oat bars are yum!

Belvita Biscuits

All of the following come in lots of flavours: (1) Nairn’s (2) Asda Golden Oat Breakfast Biscuits (3) Morrisons Breakfast Biscuits (4) Tesco Breakfast Biscuits

Belvita Soft Bakes

Genius Breakfast Bakes – they have all the same flavours as Belvita too!


Supermarket own jar of ‘Yeast Extract’. Found in the normal aisle – Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Asda

Spaghetti Hoops

(1) Make your own using Garofalo Anellini. My Spaghetti Hoops Recipe is here (2) Cook spaghetti/penne and cut into smaller pieces, mix with a tin of tomato soup and the little ones will never know!

Kelloggs Krave Cereal

(1) Tesco Free From Choco Pillows (2) Asda Free From Choco Squares (3) Morrisons Free From Choco Pillows (4) Doves Free From Choc Stars have the same texture – just not the middles!

Nestle Golden Nuggets

Nature’s Path Gorilla Munch Corn Puffs

Quaker Oats Porridge/Instant Pots

If you like sachets/pots of porridge, there’s tons of options. (1) Quaker Gluten Free (2) Moma – instant pots, tons of flavours (3) Supermarket own sachets in the free from aisle (4) Supermarket own pots in the free from aisle

Note on Cereals: Did you know lots of “own brand” cereals in the normal section are naturally gluten free??? You don’t necessarily need the free from aisle… saves you a fortune!!

Cooking Ingredients

Soy Sauce

You need to look for “Tamari”. Biggest two brands: (1) Kikkoman (2) Yutaka

Oyster Sauce

(1) M&S – normal aisle, (2) Lee Kum Kee – gf version

Terrakyi Sauce

(1) Kikkoman (thin) (2) Lee Kum (thick sauce),

Bisto Gravy

Different gravy brands so taste reaallly different so if you liked Bisto before, stick to Bisto!

(1) Bisto free from

Thickeners (for soup, sauces, etc)

(1) GF plain flour (2) Cornflour/starch is naturally gluten free

Curry Sauce

(1) Heard great things about Tongmaster on Amazon – got some on order so I’ll let you know!! (2) Sainsburys “Hubbards” or Tesco “Heart food co” (cheaper ranges) are both gluten free


Gyozas/Dim Sum

(1) Marks & Spencer normal range sells gf prawn dumplings (2) Head to Ping Pong – a chain of restaurants in London. Current menu below but check out their website yourself as I’m sure it changes!

Fresh Pasta

Dell Ugo Gluten Free – penne or fusilli

Fresh Stuffed Pasta

You can get stuffed fresh pasta in most supermarkets now – these are all in the free from fridge sections: (1) Sainsburys, (2) M&S, (3) Coop Gro range – dairy free, (4) White Rabbit – dairy free, (5) Dell Ugo – dairy free, (6) Difatti

Pot Noodle

Nothing is quite the same but for an instant noodle try (1) Supermarket own brand noodle pots (2) Kabuto pots (3) Itsu posts (4) Make your own with a stock cube and rice noodles

Breaded Ham

Have you checked your old one? Lots of supermarkets ‘normal’ breaded ham is made using a gluten free crumb e.g. Tesco’s and Aldi. Sainsbury’s one ISNT gluten free so be careful 🙂

Cous Cous

(1) You can get a gf “cous cous” (made of maize/corn) in the free from aisle of most supermarkets (2) Coop have a free from fresh Spiced Chicken Cous Cous (cant find a pic but its in the lunch/sandwich section) (3) Try quinoa – its a completely different grain but you can use it in similar recipes

Fridge raiders

(1) Cook frozen chicken nuggets (like Sainsburys free from chicken dippers) and have them cold (2) cooked Heck sausages – now in the fridges of Tesco and WHSmiths


If you’ve got any more products you’d like a replacement for, please send me a message on Instagram or email me on

Sadly, here’s a list of savoury things I’m not sure you can get a replacement for (yet!!)r:

  • Orzo
  • Shreddies/Shredded Wheat

**Want to see my Sweet Guide – From Wotsits and Walkers to Milky Ways – Click here!!**

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