Gluten Free Substitutes for Our Favourite Foods

20th January 2020
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When you’re gluten free, it feels like there’s LOADS of foods you can’t have, right? From Doritos to doughnuts. Well, I have news for you!! There’s a gluten free replacement for pretty much EVERYTHING. Have a look below 🙂

*Everything is correct at the time of posting, but as you know recipes can change so please always check the ingredients!!*


Wotsits Some supermarket own brand ‘Cheesy Puffs’ eg. Coop
Pringles Schar Curvies or Lidl own (not the Aldi ones)
Doritos Lidl or Aldi own ‘Tortilla Chips’ in original or cool flavour
Sensations Try Kettle Chips & Coop (similar flavours & taste)
Monster Munch Lidl or Aldi own ‘Monster Claws’
Hula Hoops Lidl own ‘Potato Hoops’
Bacon Fries Crisps Lidl or Aldi own ‘Bacon Rashers’

Lidl & Aldi – check ingredients as they can vary from store to store

Chocolate, Biscuits & Sweets

Ferrero Rocher*Schar ‘Tempties’
*‘Baci Latte Milk Fine Chocolate Truffles’ in Sainsburys
*Ferrero Rocher Shooting Star
Maltesers*Schar ‘Delishios’
*Lindt “Billes Ours” (only available in France)
Lindt truffle balls*Lindt balls you can have: white & the strawberries and cream flavour.
*For Milk: Aldi and Marks own.

>Please note: Poundland used to have a version too but its now a may contain!!!
Twix *Schar ‘Chocolix’
*Twix Chocolate Spread
Milky Way ‘Silky Milky’ in Poundland
Oreos Most supermarkets have an own brand version in the free from aisle
Kinder Bueno Schar ‘Melto’
Animal Biscuits Zoo Imagination in Asda’s free from aisle
Haribo Strawberry PencilsHaribo Balla Stixx in the Coop’s free from aisle
KitKat and MilkybarWait until Easter and stock up on Kitkat Bunnies and Milkybar eggs!!
Crunch barThe white one is gluten free so have that! (Blue/Milk isn’t gluten free)
SmartiesAldi DairyFine ‘Choc Um’s’

Bread & Pastries

Fresh Uncut Bread Warburtons uncut tiger loaf takes some beating
Naan You can actually get a gluten free naan – personally love Asda own brand.
Doughy Pizza Base Use a naan! Works a treat.
Pastries Morrisons, Tesco’s and Marks free from range
Doughnuts  Frozen in Morrisons and Asda free from range
Bagels *NY Bagel Company (Tesco)
*Schar in the gluten free aisles
Eclairs *Tesco own – frozen free from aisle
*Sainsburys ‘Rule of Crumb’ – frozen free from aisle
Shortcrust Pastry Frozen from Genius
Puff Pastry *Jus-Rol – fresh
*Asdas own – fresh
*Genius – frozen

Breakfast Foods

Nature’s Valley Cereal Bar Nature’s Valley Protein Cereal Bars
Belvita Nairn’s or Supermarket own
Marmite Supermarket own jar of ‘Yeast Extract’. Found in the normal aisle.
Spaghetti Hoops Make your own using Garofalo Anellini pasta shapes. My recipe here.
Krave Cereal Tesco Gf Choco Pillows

Note on Cereals: Did you know lots of “own brand” cereals in the normal section are naturally gluten free??? So you might be able to substitute your fav Kellogs Cornflakes for Tescos own. You don’t necessarily need the free from aisle… saves you a fortune!! Want a list? Click here.

Cooking Ingredients

Soy Sauce Tamari
Oyster Sauce Marks own brand (normal aisle)
Lee Perins Trick one – its actually coeliac safe!! You don’t need a replacement unless you have a separate barley allergy. Read more about that here.
Gravy *Bisto free from
*Bisto Best (says may contain but all expect the turkey flavour has been deemed coeliac safe)
Thickeners (for soup, sauces, etc) GF flour or Corn flour


Gyozas/DumplingsMarks & Spencer normal range sells gf prawn dumplings
Taco kits Supermarket Own e.g. Morrisons, Tesco’s, Aldi
Chinese Top Tip: buy some sesame oil – makes everything taste like Chinese! Most supermarkets have some ready-meal options in the normal fridges. Two of my favs:
*Coop Sweet and Sour ready meal
*Sainsburys Crispy Chilli Beef
Cous Cous *You can get a gf “cous cous” (made of maize/corn) in the free from aisle of most supermarkets
*Coop free from fresh Spiced Chicken Cous Cous (lunch/sandwich section)
*Try quinoa
Fresh Pasta *Udi’s or Morrisons.
*Also can get stuffed fresh pasta in loads of supermarkets now
Good Dried Pasta *Garofalo
*Sainsburys taste the difference own brand
Egg NoodlesNot perfect but try Oomi noodles
Pot Noodle *Supermarket own brand noodle pots
*Kabuto pots
*Itsu posts
Breaded Ham Have you checked your old one? Lots of supermarkets ‘normal’ breaded ham is made using a gluten free crumb e.g. Tesco’s and Aldi
Beer You don’t need to miss out… brands such as Peroni and Stella have a gluten free equivalent. I LOVE the brand ‘Skinny Lager’ too.


If you’ve got any more products you’d like a replacement for, please send me a message on Instagram or email me on

Sadly, here’s a list of things I’m not sure you can get a replacement for:

  • Corona – I’m told Corona light might be gluten free but haven’t found it myself yet so can’t confirm!
  • Super Noodles – unless you count rice noodles in a stock cube or one of the ‘pot noodle’ replacements above
  • Filo Pastry – unless you use rice paper… not quite the same 🙁
  • Shreddies – in the US, there’s an equivalent called ‘Chex’ but its expensive to import (around £5/box via Ebay & Amazon) and there’s some controversy around whether its deemed gluten free by UK standards


  • Deb

    21st January 2020 at 4:46 pm

    Asda own gravy granules beef/ chicken £1.20 is the best gluten free gravy

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