Gluten Free Alternatives for Our Favourite Crisps, Chocolates, Biscuits & Sweets

20th January 2020
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When you’re gluten free, it feels like there’s LOADS of foods you can’t have, right? From Wotsits and Walkers to Milky Ways! Well, I have news for you!! There’s a gluten free substitue for pretty much EVERYTHING. Have a look below 🙂

This guide is broken into 3 sections: (1) Crisps (2) Chocolate (3) Biscuits and Sweets

*Everything is correct at the time of posting, but as you know recipes can change so please always check the ingredients! This is especially true in Lidl & Aldi *

**Want to see my Savoury Guide, from Croissants and Doughnuts to Bisto and Dim Sum – Click here!!**


Ferrero Rocher

(1) Schar ‘Tempties’ (2) ‘Baci Latte Milk Fine Chocolate Truffles’ in Sainsburys and Tk Maxx (3) Ferrero Rocher Shooting Star/Squirrel shapes (4) Ferrero Rocher Bars (5) Ferrero Rocher Giants


(1) Schar ‘Delishios’ (not quite the same unfortunately!) (2) Lindt “Billes Ours” (only available in France… im yet to find a way to get them here!!)

Lindt truffle balls

(1) Lindt balls you can have: white & the strawberries and cream flavour. (2) If you want Milk Choc Truffle Balls: Aldi (haven’t seen these in a while but come in a red box) and M&S own. (3) Please note: Poundland used to have a version too but its now a may contain!!!

PS. Lindt has an annoying statement on their website that implies all products with barley malt extract (like the red ones above) are gluten free. I have messaged them directly but had no reply. Last year, I spoke to Coeliac UK who said they’d also been unable to verify the products were gluten free. I’ve seen loads of contradicting comments on Instagram and FB groups but as it stands, until Coeliac UK say otherwise, I am considering these not safe.


(1) Schar ‘Chocolix’ (2) Twix Chocolate Spread (3) Prewetts Chocoful Caramel (more of a digestive base but good!)

Milky Way

(1) Bliss bars in Poundland – comes in different flavours (salted caramel, lemon and raspberry) so not exactly the same but has a similar texture and hopefully satisfies a craving (2) MilkyWay stars – I know its not the same but its the same chocolate so you get the after taste! (3) 3 Muskateers is the US equivalent and seems to be gluten free but I’m yet to get my hands on one yet so if you find one, let me know for sure! You can purchase one here


(1) Most supermarkets have an own brand version in the free from aisle (2) The US now has a gluten free ‘real’ Oreo which you can buy online from or American Fizz online (both very expensive – the supermarket ones are good enough!)

Kinder Bueno

Schar Melto tastes reaally similar


(1) Wait until Easter/Christmas and stock up on Kitkat Bunnies/Santa (2) Lots of supermarket free from aisles have some form of “Chocolate Wafer”


(1) Milkybar giant buttons are gluten free! (2) Wait until Easter and stock up on Milkybar eggs and the small Easter eggs! Be careful though, some years both of these have been a may contain.

Crunch Bar

The white one is gluten free so have that! (Blue/Milk isn’t gluten free) – always double check this one as some of the imported Crunch bars have different ingredients


(1) Aldi DairyFine ‘Choc Um’s’ – CAREFUL with these – Aldi seem to take them on and off the shelves and sometimes they’ve got a may contain (2) Not the same but some people replace them for M&Ms (3) Colin Speckles at M&S are easiest to find and the closest dupe – just no orange ones, booo!!

Toffee Crisp

(1) There is something coming out from “We Love Cake” called “Crunch and Crisp” (2) Here’s my Gluten Free Toffee Crisp recipe (3) M&S Free From Crispy Bites

Double Decker

Don’t know of an alternative (yet!) but I do have a Gluten Free Double Decker recipe


(1) My Gluten Free Mars recipe (2) I haven’t actually found this in store yet but Holland and Barretts website stocks this Buttermilk Caramel Nougat Bar and it seems to be gf, df!!!! Anyone found it? Anything like a Mars?

Biscuits & Sweets

Animal Biscuits

(1) Morrisons Free From Animal Biscuits (2) Asda Free From Animal Biscuits (3) Zoo Imagination in Tesco free from aisle

Haribo Strawberry Pencils

Haribo Balla Stixx in the Coop’s and Morrisons free from aisle (often laid down in boxes so can be difficult to spot!)

Kelloggs Marshmellow Squares

(1) Lexi Treats – loads of flavour options. Avaliable i selected Asda, Ocado, at their own store or Amazon store link here (2) B&M Bliss Mellow Bars

Ice Cream Cones

(1) Tesco Free From Waffle Cones (2) Eskals Gluten Free Cones (hard to get hold of!) (3) M&S waffle cones (4) Morrisons waffle cones



Look for supermarkets own brand “Cheese Puffs” in the normal aisle. Most are gluten free including the brands below…


(1) Schar Curvies (original, bbq) (2) Lidl/Aldi own brand “Snacktastic” (original, salt and vinegar, sour cream). *****Double check these – they have a tendency to change the ingredients and add may contains/contain wheat!!*****


Look for supermarkets own brand “Tortilla Chips” in the normal aisle. Most are gluten free – tesco, sainsburys, waitrose, m&s etc…


(1) Loads of supermarket own brand regular crisps taste pretty similar (3) Seabrooks are a bigger brand that are also gluten free (2) If you want the real deal you need to get yourself from “Lays” from abroad – the European brand name for Walkers and comes with no may contain warning

Space Raiders/Monster Munch

(1) Lidl or Aldi own “Monster Claws”, (2) Asda Trolls Rock Strings, (3) You could also try “Onion Ring” crisps for a similar flavour – Tesco Free From or Morrisons Free From (to my knowledge, all of the normal aisle options contain gluten so you need a free from version)

Hula Hoops

(1) Lidl own ‘Potato Hoops’, (2) Asda “Potato Loops”

Nik Naks

Well & Truly Crunchies are the closest in texture although not quite the same taste


Tesco Prawn Shells (most other supermarket own brands prawn shells are a “may contain” but you can find normal prawn cocktail crisps (ie. not shells)). I have a feeling these have been discontinued – does anyone know for sure???


(1) Lidl & Aldi own “Bacon Rashers”, (3) Sainsbury’s “Bacon Crispies”, (4) Asda “Bacon Bites” (5) Coop “Bacon Rashers”.

**I think the COOP ones are now a may contain so I’ve removed them from this list – can anyone verify this please?


Kettle Chips have a similar flavour and crunch. The Sunday Lunch Roast Chicken is almost identical to the Sensations one!!


(1) Definitely not a perfect swap but try “Eat Real” (specifically the sour cream lentil curls) (2) You can also get similar supermarket own brand lentil curls

Walkers Max Paprika

There’s nothing quite like it so I’ve found two crisps with a paprika taste (very rare apparently!!) (1) Tyrrells Smoked Paprika (2) Well & Truly paprika crisps (love these!)


(1) Tesco Ready Salted Potato Chips (2) Asda Ready Salted/Salt & Vinegar/Beefy Potato Sticks (3) Morrisons Beef Potato Sticks

*Careful with this one – lots of supermarket own brands were a main contain and the other flavours at Tesco contained barley.

Mini Cheddars

I’m told none of these are perfect but they satisfy a craving! (1) Nairns Cheesy Oatcakes (2) Asda Free From Cheese Crackers


If you’ve got any more products you’d like a replacement for, please send me a message on Instagram or email me on

Sadly, here’s a list of sweet things I’m not sure you can get a replacement for:

  • Corona – I’m told Corona light might be gluten free but haven’t found it myself yet so can’t confirm!
  • Squares – Walkers salt and vinegar squares have a may contain so no good for coeliacs. Can’t find a good alternative!

**Want to see my Savoury Guide, from Croissants and Doughnuts to Bisto and Dim Sum – Click here!!**


  • Deb

    21st January 2020 at 4:46 pm

    Asda own gravy granules beef/ chicken £1.20 is the best gluten free gravy

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