Gluten Free Double Decker Recipe

14th December 2020
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I don’t think I need to describe my “Gluten Free Double Deckers” to you… just look at this… yum!! Haha

Admittedly, a regular double decker doesn’t have the caramel bit ontop so this is a TRIPLE DECKER!!! 😉 But I couldn’t resist this cheeky addition! Toffee crisp base, mars middle, caramel top, all coated in your fave chocolate.

Gluten Free Double Decker

Gluten Free Double Decker Ingredients

Everything for my gluten free double decker recipe can be dairy free too – as long as you pick a dairy free chocolate!!

The “Liquid Glucose” is the only one you might not recognise but you’ll find it in the baking aisle of all major supermarkets (and actually most of the small ones too!).

Baking Powder

The Caramel Bit

Making caramel can be a challenge so I’ve found a way to make it wayyyy easier for you!!! This recipe works perfectly with shop bought “soft caramels”. What I mean by that is something that is soft enough to mould with your fingers.

  • Perfect thing to use: Werther’s Original Soft Caramels (the pink packet below).
  • Second best:Werther’s Creamy Toffees (blue packet) will work too, the soft ones are just a tiny bit better!
  • Where can you get them from? You can pick either up from almost all supermarkets, poundshops or even petrol stations.
Werther's Original Soft Caramels | Ocado

If you need a dairy free version for your double decker, you can get Kuhbonbon Caramels (via Amazon or tons of vegan online stores) or you can accept the challenge of making your own. There’s loads of recipes online, including the one in my Twix recipe.

Gluten Free Double Deckers

Gluten Free Double Decker Recipe

Prep Time1 hr
Servings: 8 Double Decker Bars
Course: Dessert, Snack



  • 70 grams tube of Liquid Glucose
  • 200 grams caster sugar
  • 5 grams cocoa powder
  • 1 egg white

Crispy Bit!

  • 4 soft caramels – *see “The Caramel Bit” in the blog post above
  • 10 grams spread/butter – I use Flora Original
  • 20 grams chocolate – your choice!
  • 20 grams Rice Crispies – make sure yours are gluten free

Caramel Topping & Chocolate Coating

  • 250 grams chocolate – your choice!
  • 8 soft caramels – *see “The Caramel Bit” in the blog post above


Make the “Crispy Bit”

  • Add about 1 inch of water to the bottom of a saucepan. Place a mixing bowl ontop of the saucepan.
    >Make sure you pick a mixing bowl where the water in the pan doesn't touch the base of the mixing bowl otherwise it'll burn the ingredients in the next step…
  • Place all of the "Crispy Bit" ingredients EXCEPT the rice crispies into the mixing bowl and bring the water to a gentle simmer, to melt the ingredients in the bowl.
  • Keep stirring everything together and once its all melted and smooth, add the rice crispies and mix in.
    >I find its easiest to do this whilst the mixture is still on the heat. The mixture hardens very quickly when its off the heat!!
    >Don't worry about being too gentle, it doesn't matter if the crispies get crunched up a bit!
  • Remove the mixing bowl from the heat and quickly shape the crispies into bars.
    >I really recommend using a mould for this – like mine! Fill the moulds to about half way up (leaving room for the nougat top). It'll be about 1/2 to 1 tbsp of the mixture per bar.
    >If the mixture goes cold and its difficult to shape into bars, just return it to the heat for 30 sec-1min


  • Place the caster sugar & liquid glucose into a saucepan. Add 60ml of water.
    >It can be tough to get every last drop of liquid glucose out of the tube. Two tips (1) Microwave the tube for 5-10 seconds to make it more runny and easier to squeeze out (2) Cut the end off the tube and pour out from that side
  • Turn the pan to a low heat, stirring constantly until the sugar has dissolved. At this point, you won’t see any grains of sugar in the mix and it will have changed to a water-like consistency.
  • Increase the temperature so the mixture is simmering. Do not stir it anymore!! Leave it simmering until it reaches 132-135oC.
    >The pic shows what it will look like at this stage – the metal skewer is just my thermometer
  • Whilst the mixture is reaching temperature, place the egg white in a large, clean mixing bowl and beat until they reach stiff peaks.
    >Here is a pic I have taken from google images to show what stiff peaks looks like!
  • Once the egg white is at stiff peaks and the sugar has reached temperature, add a tiny bit of the melted sugar mix to the egg and whisk in. Repeat until you have whisked in all of the mixture.
    >I pour in approximately 3 tbsp at a time. It takes 2 mins to add all of the sugar mixture to the egg white.
  • Use an electric whisk to beat the mix on high speed for a full 5 minutes.
    >Don't cut this time short!!! Its difficult to overwhisk, but if you underwhisk you won't have a fluffy nougat.
    >It will go from looking like melted marshmellows to a dough like consistency and then to a reallyyy sticky, almost chewing gum like consistency. At this point, the mix will be coming away from the bowl and you'll feel like your whisk is about to give up!
  • Add the cocoa powder and whisk in.
  • Add a spoonful of each to the top of the crispy bars.
    >It will be very sticky and messy – use cold spoons and don't worry about making it perfect!

Add the Caramel & Choc Coating

  • Pop one of your Double Deckers out of the mould.
  • Take 1 soft caramel. Stretch it out so it will roughly cover the top of the bar. Place the caramel ontop. Repeat for the rest of the caramels.
  • Melt the rest of the chocolate.
    >I like to do this in a mixing bowl over a pan of simmering water. You could use the microwave instead, in 20 second bursts and stirring in between.
    >Ideally the chocolate needs to be "tempered". If you don't, when the chocolate has cooled down it will be a bit sticky. The cheats way to do this is to melt 2/3 of the chocolate. Remove it from the heat and add the remaining 1/3 in tiny chunks. Stir stir stir until its completely melted.
  • Scrape the chocolate into a small bowl. Wait for it to cool slightly (around 1 min should be enough)
    >Cooling is to make it easier to work with. It will prevent the chocolate from melting the caramel and making a mess!
    >I suggest putting the chocolate into a smaller bowl to make it easier to fully dunk the bars into it.
  • You need to prep something to put the toffee crisp bars on when they've been dunked in chocolate. Two options: (1) Place a cooking rack on top of a baking tray/chopping board (something to catch the drips!) (2) Cover a baking tray/chopping board/plate with tin foil (after lots of experimenting, I find this option easiest now!!)
  • Place one of the bars into the chocolate, making sure its fully coated and then lift it out with a fork. Let some of the excess chocolate drip off into the bowl.
  • Place the double decker onto the cooling rack/whatever you've prepared, repeat for the rest of the bars.
  • Let them cool for at least 15 mins, or until the chocolate has set.
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