Unexpected Places to Find Gluten at Christmas: 2021

16th December 2020
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Christmas Day can be so busy and there tends to be food everywhere so its even easier to make an mistake with one of my “unexpected placed to find gluten at Christmas”!!

I’ve included a list of Christmas related foods below, all of which could contain gluten but you might not expect it! Not ALL brands will contain gluten, but some do so its just a warning for the ones to be extra careful with!

Its broken into 3 sections: mains, drinks and snacks.


  • Gravy & stock cubes
  • Turkey basting
  • Sausages and pigs in blankets (it seems to hide in the cheaper ones, especially from frozen)
  • Meats on the cheese board
  • Some pre-prepared veg (Morrisons chopped veg often has a may contain warning)
  • Sauces eg. cauliflower cheese


  • Own brand coke
  • Squash (e.g. Robinsons Barley)
  • Cocktails

I have a full guide to gluten free alcohol here if you’d like it. It includes a set of simple rules to follow and some extra info on unexpected places to find gluten – for example toppers on cocktails!


  • Malteser Reindeers – they look very like the Kit Kat Santa wrappers which are gluten free so it can be easy to make a mistake!
  • Cadbury tree decorations – may contain this year
  • Coop Frozen Party food – most of it contains gluten now 🙁
  • All Lindt excluding Strawberries & Cream and White Choc
  • Celebrations
  • Dinky Deckers in Heroes
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange – it’s a may contain
  • Some Crisps & Nuts
  • Sprinkles on cakes
  • Sweets – strawberry laces, liquorice

Want some more Christmas guides?

Click here for my Complete Guide to a Gluten Free Christmas.

It includes lots of links to (hopefully) useful posts – everything from gluten free party food and chocolates to coffee shop drinks and comprehensive lists of ALL gluten free food in the supermarkets

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