14 NEW Gluten Free Products: 6th Jan 2021

6th January 2021
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Can you believe 2021 is here already?!! And with it comes some yummy new products (and the small matter of a vaccine… wahoooo!)!!

Want to see what the supermarkets have added to their shelves? Keep scrolling 😉

(1) Kit Kat Mini Eggs gluten free, contains dairy. The Kit Kat Santas might be off the shelves, but have no fear, these mini eggs are set to replace them

*NB – I haven’t been able to get my hands on these yet so haven’t been able to confirm for myself that they’re gluten free but my Insta friends assure me they are 🙂

Nestle Kit Kat Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs Pouch (81g) – GB Gifts

(2) Gluten, Dairy Free Topic and Bounty – I’ve tried both and they are absolutely delish. You’d never ever guess they’re gluten free.

Mars Launches Vegan Topic And Bounty Bars | Plant Based News

(3) Mini Egg Bargluten free, contains dairy. I’m told this is delicious!

Cadbury unveil Mini Eggs Chocolate Bar and it looks delicious - Mirror  Online

(4) Roast Chicken & Veg Soup – gluten free, contains dairy. Soup season has well and truly arrived in this household and its nice to see some new flavours hitting the shelves.

(5) Sainsbury’s Multiseeded Sourdough Cob gluten, dairy free. I picked this up last week in the free from aisle and genuinely got annoyed for a brief second because I thought someone had put it back in the wrong section by a mistake. But its gluten freeee!!!! Its on my kitchen side, ready to be destroyed in the morning haha

(6) Terry’s Mini Eggsgluten free, contains dairy. Apparently Terrys can’t manage gluten free at Christmas, but they can at Easter! We’ll take it…

White Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs From Terry's Are In Shops Now

(7) Morrisons Tagliatellegluten, dairy free. Got to love a new pasta choice!

Morrisons The Best Free From Tagliatelle Corn & Rice

(8) Tesco Chocolate Sundae – gluten, dairy free. Not sure I’d call it a sundae, more of a “mousse”, but looks good all the same!!

Tesco Free From Chocolate Sundae 110G

(9) Sainsbury’s Slow Cooked Gammongluten, dairy free. got to love the occasional tasty oven-ready meal

(10) Slow Cooked Beef Bourguignongluten, dairy free. Ok, so maybe not the occasional meal, maybe I’m going to have to be having one a night judging by how many new ones keep showing up. Quite expensive at £7.50

(11) Seabrook Loaded Friesboth gluten free, red one dairy free. These + hummus = happy Jess

Loaded Fries by Seabrook Crisps

(12) Alpro Praline Drink gluten, dairy free. I reaaaally love praline so this is a winner for me

Alpro Chocolate Praline Hazelnut | Alpro

(13) Hersheys Cookies & Creme Egggluten free, contains dairy… I know, gluten free!!!! You’d never expect it right!

Hershey's Cookies & Creme Egg 34G

(14) Costa – Two new drinksboth gluten free and dairy free (with all the usual caveats that Costa serves a gluten-containing oat milk and therefore there is a risk of cross contamination. Make sure the machine is cleaned before they make your drink!)

  1. Vanilla Coconut Latte+ Vitamin B12 & Zinc*±
  2. Hazelnut Almond Latte+ Protein**
Vanilla Coconut Latte+ Vitamin B12 & Zinc*±

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