My Favourite 10 Gluten Free Products of 2020

8th January 2021
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2020 was a tough year and it would have been even tougher in Jessica’s Kitchen without my favourite gluten free products listed here!! 10 things I discovered last year and LOVED. All gluten & dairy free.

My 10 Favourite Products

Rhythm 108 Sweet and Salty – I reaaaaaaaaally love these (and so does Charlie who can eat gluten and dairy!)

Sweet 'N' Salty Almond15 x 33g – Rhythm 108

Promise bread – best supermarket bread, good fresh/toasted, freezes well, rarely has holes (Charlie’s a fan of this one too – bet you didn’t expect me to say that about any gluten free bread haha)

Promise Gluten Free Soft White Loaf 480g | Sainsbury's

Galaxy Vegan – I was Galaxy’s biggest fan pre-coeliac/dairy free diagnosis. Whilst this isn’t quite the same, its delicious in its own right. The red one is probably my fave.

Galaxy Launches First Ever Vegan Chocolate

Ugo Thrive Pasta – only cook it for literally 1 min otherwise it falls apart but the filling is sweet and delicious!

Ugo Thrive Gluten Free Pumpkin & Sage Raviolini | Morrisons

Nomo Salted Caramel – My fave of the Nomo’s. Each square is filled with runny caramel (like Dairy Milk Caramel bars)

Jus Rol GF Puff – delish! I’ve never really used pastry in my cooking but I’ve loved it this year for pizzas, sausage rolls, Christmas tree nutella patterns and snowflakes, pies etc. It tastes just as good as “normal” puff but it doesn’t look quite so pretty so give it extra egg wash and decorate the top with stars, hearts, letters, or whatever you fancy.

Gluten Free Puff Pastry Sheets | Ready-Made Pastry | Jus-Rol

Coop Fish Range – all very good (most gluten free but not all of it so be careful!). Fresh and a really chunky crumb.

Co-op 2 Chunky Breaded Cod 300g -

Mcdonalds Veggie Dippers – they might have taken these away from us for a few months in 2020, but thankfully I had more than my fair share whilst they were around. And yes, in the UK both the chips and these dippers are gluten freeeeeee!!

McDonald's launches first-ever vegan meal today with dippers that taste of  pesto

Leon Waffle Fries – yum, yum! Love these as an alternative to nachos for loaded nachos!

Jolly Hog Pulled Pork – and this is what we’ve had ontop of those nachos/waffle fries every Saturday, throughout 2020 haha

The Jolly Hog Bbq Pulled Pork 393G

Ok… this is now the 11th but I couldn’t resist… Perkier bars!!! The BEST cereal bar around and the new “Immune Plus” range is my all time fave

Perkier releases immune-boosting snack bars and porridge pots - FoodBev  Media

Want to see some “New Products”?

Now you know my favourite gluten free products of 2020, how about reading my first new products post of 2021? 14 NEW Gluten Free Products: 6th Jan 2021

Lot’s more to come – I try to release a new one every 2 weeks ish. Hope there’s some new bits in there for you, Jess x

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