What Cadbury Chocolate is gluten free? EASY GUIDE

13th January 2021
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What Cadbury Chocolate is gluten free? One of my most asked questions so I thought I’d put together a little info to help out! I’ve broken this into 3 sections:

  • (1) Heads up on Plain Dairy Milk
  • (2) YES – The Stuff that is GLUTEN FREE
  • (3) NO – The Stuff that ISN’T GLUTEN FREE. I have included “may contains” in this section.

Where the info is from: Cadburys website and verified on either Tesco/Asda too. As always, please check the ingredients for yourself incase something has changed.

Heads Up on Plain Dairy Milk

Cadbury’s has lotssss of different sized bars of plain Dairy Milk.

(1) SHARING BARS (360g, 200g, 110g): As far as I can see, ALL sizes of sharing bars are a “may contain”.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Cadbury Dairy Milk | Cadbury.co.uk

(2) INDIVIDUAL BARS (45g): all seem to have a “may contain” in all the shops I’ve looked at but according to the Cadbury’s website, they do make some that are not may contain…yet to find one though!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Cadbury Dairy Milk | Cadbury.co.uk

If you want plain Dairy Milk, you need a bag of “Mini Bars” that look like this, not to be confused with the “Little Bars” (at the very end of this post).

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate Mini Bar 144g | Sainsbury's


Individual Bars (most are 35-45g)

Big “Sharing” Type Bars

Other Bits

Bags of Chocs


Bars (most are 35-45g)

Sharing Bars

Bags of Chocs


Hope that has helped you work out “what Cadbury is gluten free?” As always, things change all the time so please check the labels for yourself 🙂

Want some more “help” style posts? Head over to my “Gluten Free Help” section!


  • Michael

    12th February 2022 at 5:55 pm

    Super Jessica. Got the info I wanted. Clear with no diversions. Wish you were working for all the websites.

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