What Cadbury Chocolate is gluten free? EASY GUIDE

13th January 2021
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What Cadbury Chocolate is gluten free?

One of my most asked questions so I thought I’d put together a little info to help out! I’ve broken this into 2 sections:

  • Plain Dairy Milk
  • All the other Cadbury products

If something is a “May contain gluten”, this guide will classify it as NOT gluten free.

Info from: Cadburys website and verified on a supermarkets website too. As always, please check the ingredients for yourself incase something has changed.


If you want plain Dairy Milk, the only thing you can have is a bag of “Mini Bars” or buttons that look like this:

As far as I can see, everything else is a “may contain gluten”:

  • INDIVIDUAL BARS (and multipacks of individual bars)

Mad, isn’t it… all of them are off the cards!!!!!


This section is split into two: (1) GLUTEN FREE and (2) NOT GLUTEN FREE


Gluten Free Individual Bars (most are 35-45g)

  • Darkmilk
  • Turkish Delight
  • Chomp
  • Crunchie
  • Curly Wurly
  • Flake
  • Fudge
  • Twirl
  • Wispa
  • Wispa Gold
  • Twirl Orange

Gluten Free “Sharing” Bars

  • Bournville
  • Bournville Old Jamaica
  • Bournville Orange
  • White
  • Darkmilk
  • Darkmilk Roasted Almond
  • Darkmilk Salted Caramel
  • 30% less sugar

Gluten Free – Other Bits

  • Milk Tray
  • Creme Egg
  • Roses
  • Heroes *except the Dinky Decker* (made on a separate production line)

Hero’s: we can have all except the Dinky Decker. Not verified yet for 2022 but in all previous years, the Dinky Decker was made on a separate production line to the others so no risk of cross contamination

Gluten Free Bags of Chocs

  • Caramilk Buttons
  • Curly Whirlys
  • Eclairs
  • Eclairs Velvet
  • Bitsa Whispa
  • Fudge Minis
  • Mini Eggs
  • Twirl Bites
  • Caramel Nibbles
  • Freddo Faces
  • Bournville Buttons
  • Regular Buttons
  • Giant Buttons
  • Mixed Buttons
  • White Buttons
  • Giant Darkmilk Buttons


Not Gluten Free Bars (most are 35-45g)

Sharing Bars

Bags of Chocs

  • Dinky Deckers
  • Cruchy Rocks
  • Oreo Bites
  • Picnic Bites


  • Freddo
  • Freddo Caramel

Want some more “help” style posts? Head over to my “Gluten Free Help” section!


  • Michael

    12th February 2022 at 5:55 pm

    Super Jessica. Got the info I wanted. Clear with no diversions. Wish you were working for all the websites.

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