• 21 Tips to Make Your Gluten Free Shop Cheaper

    3rd October 2019

    “Gluten free on a budget” is not easy!!! Everything seems more expensive but I want show you ways around it. I will never understand the £5 supplement I regularly see on gluten free pizzas in restaurants and don’t get me started on the £3.50 loaves of bread. But, its not changing any time soon, so…

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  • Gluten Free Staples: Price Comparison Of The Big Brands

    1st October 2019

    We all know that living on a gluten free diet is expensive. So, I’ve had a little shop around to see if I can save you a bit of money on your weekly shop!! Hopefully it’ll provide some cheaper gluten free options for you too! **All the prices were checked mid Sept 2020. They do…

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  • Things you don’t need in the free from aisle

    30th September 2019

    The “free from” aisle tends to be more expensive than the “normal” aisle. However some of the products are there because they have been adapted to be dairy free, egg free, sugar free etc… nothing to do with gluten!! That means there’s a lot of things you don’t need to pay over the odds for.…

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  • 10 Tips for Bloating

    12th September 2019

    There’s 2 parts to this post… (1) 10 tips for bloating: all things that help my followers & I to feel mildy more human when we’re bloated (2) 4 other bits I wanted to mention that help my tummy stay happy! Obviously this all comes with the caveat of “I’m no doctor!!”, its just things…

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  • How to Use the Coeliac UK App

    29th August 2019

    Firstly, don’t panic. With the help of this guide, and the tutorial slides in the app itself, I promise you’ll know exactly how to use the Coeliac UK App in no time at all!! I did panic and as a result, I didn’t use it for the first 2 years of diagnosis because I thought…

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  • 18 Tips for New Coeliacs: My Practical Guide

    19th August 2019

    I’ve broken this guide into 3 parts, packed with tips for coeliacs! Its all very practical… from how to read a label to check if something is gluten free, to how to cook gluten free pasta. I should have added a STEP 0: Don’t panic!!! I thought life was over, but I promise its not!…

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  • How to Stay Coeliac Safe at a BBQ

    27th July 2019

    As a relatively new coeliac, when summer arrived I panicked slightly – “how do we even have a gluten free BBQ?!”. My family had got semi-used to coeliac safe cooking inside, but having a BBQ seemed like a totally different ball game. Especially at other peoples houses!! Here’s a few bits to consider: (1) HIDDEN…

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  • Dairy Free: Tips & Tricks to Make it Easier

    23rd April 2019

    Going dairy free? It’s not easy at first… whilst there’s plenty of alternatives to pick from, it’s taken me heaps of time & money to decipher between the good and the bad. Hopefully this guide will make your journey to tasty cheese on toast a little easier than mine!! Before we get started Lactose free…

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