10 Tips for Bloating

12th September 2019
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There’s 2 parts to this post

(1) 10 tips for bloating: all things that help my followers & I to feel mildy more human when we’re bloated

(2) 4 other bits I wanted to mention that help my tummy stay happy!

Obviously this all comes with the caveat of “I’m no doctor!!”, its just things that have helped me. If you’re struggling, definitely go see your GP 🙂

tips for bloating

PART 1: 10 things to help when you’re feeling bloated

1) Hot Water Bottle

I surgically attach it to myself haha… couldn’t be without it

2) Hot Shower/Bath

Relaxes my muscles and calms my mind (equally as important… stress is not good for my tum)

3) Medication

  • I stick to Buscopan – definitely takes the edge off the pain.
  • My followers also recommend activated charcoal & Windeze tablets but I’m yet to try them
  • Just to warn you, Boots own brand IBS relief tablets contain lactose – I’m guessing it must be a minuscule amount but given I’m dairy free, I still avoid them when I’m already struggling

4) Drinks

  • Personally, I avoid drinking lots of water as it seems to make me feel worse. I stick to a little hot water with a slice of lemon & a few cm cubes of fresh ginger.
  • Loads of people finds peppermint tea is really helpful but I don’t like the taste so I have to be feeling reeaaally desperate to get that out the cupboard!!

5) Distraction

Watch some terrible Netflix series or Housewives of Orange County, give your dogs a cuddle, flick through Instagram… whatever it might be, just try not to think about it. It will fade.

6) Rest

If the pain is too bad to distract yourself, can you nap? Generally, I struggle to nap in the day but when I’m feeling this rubbish, I get that hot water bottle on my stomach, curl up and try to nod off.

Search Youtube for “sleep stories” if you struggle like me.

7) Fasting/Smaller Portions

To be honest, I try to avoid eating until my stomach is starting to settle (I’m only talking half a day ish at most). When I do eat, I stick to small portions the BRAT diet…

8) BRAT Diet

Stands for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast.

  • I believe these foods are known to be “better” because they are low in protein, fat, and fibre – makes them easier to digest & gives the gut a chance to rest. There’s loads more info on Google if you want to know more and see the research into this.
  • For me, its rice or toast. Bananas are too high sugar which is also something that can make me bloated and applesauce is weird!

Most of the banana gifs were too rude so I’m having to go with this… haha

9) Mindful Eating

Whilst eating that rice or toast, I try to channel my inner Madeline Shaw and eat slowly (so you swallow less air) and chew each mouthful as many times as humanly possible (so its easier for your body to digest!). I should do this all year round but I tend to only bring it out for bloated days haha.

10) Probiotics

To help restore the balance after all that stress!! Tons of products on the market, but so far I’ve found the guys at Optibac to be the most helpful in finding the right product for me.

PART 2: Couple of other belly thoughts

  1. Fibre – everyone’s different but for me, I make sure I get approx 20-25g of fibre a day. It really helps my stomach to stay happy (NHS guidance 25-30g). Have you ever tracked your fibre? If not, I bet you’ll be surprised at how little you’re getting. It’s worth looking into.
  2. Gum – I avoid gum as it seems to be a trigger for me. I guess because it produces acid in your stomach.
  3. Fizzy – I LOVE a glass of Pespi Max but I try to avoid drinking toooo much as it definitely doesn’t make my stomach any happier. Guess its all that gas?! haha
  4. SIBO & Low Fodmap Diet – if you’re bloating A LOT and finding it all very uncomfortable, I’d suggest googling these two words (only look at reliable source and obviously going to see your doctor!!!!).
    • I was diagnosed with SIBO and was prescribed a course of antibiotics to treat it. This dramatically reduced my bloating
    • Elements of a Low Fodmap diet have also helped me e.g reducing my onion & garlic intake.

Was this helpful? How many of my 10 TIPS FOR BLOATING do you use? Got any more for me? Msg me!!

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