5 things you need to know about Natures Store!

16th September 2019
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natures store

What you need to know:

(1) Their entire range is gluten free!!!

(2) They aren’t just rice cakes. That might be what you know them for (and they are very yummy!) but here’s their full product range:

  • Rice Cakes – all sorts of flavours from milk choc to dark mint and choc orange
  • Popcorn Bars – you NEED to try these
  • Hazelnut Spread – think dairy free Nutella. WAY too tasty.
  • Legume Rices – read my review below!!!
  • Corn Chips – always a good idea!

(3) “Free From does not need to involve any taste compromise whatsoever”… from their website and music to my ears.

(4) Their name suits them perfectly – they aim on producing products that closer to what nature intended, with loads of them being plant-based too!

(5) Natures Store always looks to have other nutrition benefits too – e.g. high fibre, protein & no added/unnecessary sugar.

Lets have a closer look at some of the Natures Store products…


I first tried the popcorn bars at the Allergy Show, Olympia and I’ve been in love ever since. You’ve got two flavours to pick from:

  • “Raspberry & Dark Chocolate” – gluten, dairy free. 5.4g of fibre. 40% lower sugar then the average fruit/cereal bar but genuinely my fav cereal bar out there.
  • “Salted Caramel” – gluten free (contains dairy). 3.1g of fibre.

Much more exciting than your regular, dry & boring cereal bar… yet still healthy, natural and bargain cheap at 89p (launching in Musclefoods.com in Oct & already in independent outlets!)

Mum: “Can I try a bit? They smell good.”

Also Mum, before I had chance to say no they’re mine: “Oh WOW they are so good, surely they aren’t gluten free. Does that mean they’re for me?!”.

They are gluten free and hands off, they’re MINE!!!!!!


Think dairy free Nutella. Yep, this is what dreams are made of!!!! I don’t think I need to say anymore, do I!!!

On toast, drizzled on pancakes, squeezed on fruit, or just by the spoon…

One thing to mention: the squeezy bottles and jars have a slightly different recipe. There is sustainable palm oil in the jar, not in the squeezy bottle. The jar “may contain milk” and the bottle doesn’t have that warning.

Squeezy Bottle available in Co-Op, Ocado and ASDA for £2.79

LEGUME RICE: Chickpea and Red Lentil

I’m going to be totally honest… when I saw this product, I didn’t think i’d like it. I thought it sounded a little weird. BUT WOW I was wrong.

Taste wise, its closest to brown rice (its slightly nuttier & has a heavier bite to it than white rice). But what I reaaaally like is that it doesnt have the stodgyness of rice… hopefully you can see by the pic, its actually pretty fluffy. A bit like giant cous cous if you’d ever had that pre-gluten free days.

I’ve cooked a portion of “Chickpea Rice” to show you…

natures store

If the taste wasn’t enough, the nutritional benefits are insane too. As someone that struggle with protein and fibre intake, these stats had me sold:

  • Chickpea rice: 3x more protein and 12x more fibre than rice
  • Red lentil rice: 3x more protein and 7x more fibre than rice

Cooks like rice, looks like rice, but has all these fab benefits.. why wouldn’t you try! It’s a staple in my cupboard.

Launches in Asda next week for £2.99

Want more info? Check out their website here.

This was written as part of a paid collaboration with Natures Store, but as always the thoughts are all my own and I haven’t been asked the say ANYTHING!!!

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