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30th September 2019
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The “free from aisle” isn’t just for gluten free. Some of the products are there because they have been adapted to be dairy free, egg free, sugar free etc. Nothing to do with gluten at all!

For example – mayo. The mayo in the regular aisle can contain milk and eggs but its unlikely to have gluten!! If you see it in the “free from aisle”, its probably just because the brand has made a milk or egg free version. Nothing to do with gluten.

With that in mind, here’s a list of of items you don’t need to buy if you’re ‘just’ gluten free. Its broken down into 1) Store Cupboard and 2) Fridge/Freezer. For each item, I’ve included a couple of examples of what you could buy in the “normal aisle” instead.

As always please check at the time, incase the recipe has changed.

Store Cupboard

Item you might not need in the “Free From” aisleReplacement you could have from the “Normal Aisle”
Jars of Sauces
e.g. Curry, Pasta, White Sauce. Often in the free from aisle because of dairy. Loads of regular aisle sauces are gluten free.
GnocchiAsda’s regular gnocchi is gf
Cereal barsNature Valley protein bars, Nakd bars, Eat Natural, Lidl’s own, to name just a few!
CerealLots of supermarket own, regular aisle cereals are gluten free.
Rice CakesPlain ones in the normal aisles are often gluten free. Careful flavoured options as they’re more likely to contain gluten. Don’t get have Snack-a-jacks (made in a factory with gluten).
GravyBisto Best is actually gluten free. This one causes lots of confusion. Says ‘may contain traces of gluten’ on the back but if you check on the Coeliac UK app, it says its safe (the traces must be <20ppm).
KetchupHeinz & supermarket own brands are often gluten free. I think you find special ketchups in the free from section because they’re a low fodmap version (ie. no onion, garlic etc).
Brown SauceWarning, HP is not gluten free! But supermarket own brands often are safe
Sour Cream, Mayo* & Salad CreamOften in the free from aisle because of dairy/egg. If you’re just looking at gluten, try supermarket own brands.
PestoTry Sacla, Tesco’s own
StockKnorr Stock pots or cubes and Kallo are gluten free. Some Oxo stock pots are too (but not the cubes!!)
Canned SoupOften in the free from aisle because of dairy. Tons of gluten free options in the normal aisle – obviously avoid minestrone!!
Worcestershire sauceLea & Perrins is coeliac safe!! It has barley malt vinegar but that is ALWAYS coeliac safe according to Coeliac UK because the level of gluten is tiny tiny tiny (<20ppm). You can read more about that here!
Crisps and Tortilla ChipsThere’s tons of naturally gluten free “regular brands” including Kettle Chips, Pom Bears, loads of supermarket own
ChocolateLots of normal chocolates are gf- thank goodness!!

Couple of extra notes to help:

  • Dairy Free Mayo – extra note to help! If you need a dairy free version but you’re ok with egg, you still might not need to shop in the free from aisle. Buy either full fat mayos or if want a light version, check out “Heinz: Seriously Good Light”.
  • Bisto Best – here’s a pic of the jar I was talking about above!


Item you might not need in the “Free From” aisleReplacement you could have from the “Normal Aisle”
Dairy products e.g. yoghurts, milk, butter, cheese, ice creamUsually only in the free from bit because they’ve been adapted to be dairy free!
Some of the ready mealsTons of regular aisle ready meals are naturally gluten free e.g. Tesco regular Katsu
Fish cakesCoops are all gluten free anyway!
SausagesMost sausages in the fridge section of the supermarket will be gluten free. Warning – often butchers sausages & ones in the freezer aren’t.


**Want a list of the unexpected items that are GLUTEN FREE IN THE NORMAL AISLES? For example, Sainsbury’s crispy chilli beef? Or Marks & Spencer Dim Sum? Read my bumper guide here!!!**

Please remember, the points above are NOT hard rules, it varies from one brand to another so please please please check!!!!!!


  • Cara

    30th September 2019 at 10:25 pm

    Ahhhh I have to try the Gnocchi!! Thanks for this 🙂

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