Gluten Free Staples: making it cheaper

1st October 2019
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We all know that living on a gluten free diet can be more expensive. So, I’ve had a little shop around to see if I can save you a bit of money on your weekly shop!!

**All the prices were checked mid Sept 2019. They do not include any deals or offers. Prices of some brands vary from one supermarket to another, but not by a lot!**


The BIGGEST bug bear amongst the gluten free community. Lets be honest, I’m never going to get close to the “regular” bread price, but you might be surprised at the disparity between brands.

Given loaves all have different numbers of slices of different weights, I thought “price per slice” would be the fairest comparison:

BrandPrice per slice

I should note that the nutritional values vary from one brand to the next too so worth having a look at those when you’re deciding!

TIP: I always freeze my bread. Partly because I’m the only gf person in our house and I’m never going to get through a fresh loaf on my own so it saves the waste, but also because I find it crumbles less when toasted from frozen so less goes in the bin.


Second biggest bug bear! So, whats the benchmark? A 1kg bag of non-gluten free fusilli pasta from Tesco costs £1. Lets see how close I can get. Can’t believe how widely the prices vary:

BrandPrice per kg
Tesco Rice £3.80
Doves Farm£5.10

*I think Lidl only have a spaghetti, not a fusilli but I had to include it because everyone really rates it.


  • Cheap & cheerful: Lidl, Asda or Tescos are where its at. They’re massively cheaper.
  • Closest to the real deal: I think you’ve gotta pay up and get Barilla or Garofalo (Garofalo for me!). Whats the difference? The pasta is cut through a metal-formed die to give it a rough edge & allow the pasta sauce to stick to it!
  • I have a bag of each in the cupboard. Supermarket own for normal days, posh stuff when I’m having a treat 😉

If you’re trying to save the pennies, AVOID the lentil/pea based pastas!!! They tend to cost significantly more.


Get out the gluten free aisle!!! Did you know lots of “own brand” cereals in the normal section are naturally gluten free??? This one will save you a fortune!!

Here’s some examples:

  • Tesco Own – Corn Flakes, Honey Nut, Frosted Flakes, Rice Snaps
  • Asda Own – Corn Flakes, Honey Nut Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Rice Snaps
  • Morrisons Own – Corn Flakes, Honey Nut Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Rice Crackles
  • Waitrose Own – Rice Pops, Corn Flakes
  • Sainsbury’s – sadly you will have to stick to the gf aisle here. I couldn’t find any suitable items in the normal section (correct me if I’m wrong!)

**Always check when you buy incase the recipe has changed since I’ve written this!** I’d also recommend you use the Coeliac UK App to help decifer between the safe and unsafe! Here’s a blog post to help you use it.

Barley Malt Extract – most of the cereals above contain barley malt extract but at levels below 20ppm and therefore coeliac safe (although not suitable if you have a separate barley allergy). If you want more info how to find out if barley malt extract is gluten free, read my blog post here.


Here’s a comparison of some different brands. For me it has to be Doves Farm, regardless of price, because I think it creates the best bake!

BrandPrice per kg (self raising)
Doves Farm Free From£1.75

ONE THING TO NOTE: the price of Doves Farm varies a lot from store to store. Plenty of places (e.g. Tesco) sells it for £1.75 but Planet Organic sells it for £2.50. Shop around!!! If you bake a lot, they have fab prices on wholesale bags on their website.


Random one but hear me out for a 50% saving…

The regular fridge section is full of naturally gluten free sausages but you can only have the “finest” ones. The regular ranges in both the fridge and freezer tend to contain wheat. If you want to save a few pennies, the frozen “free from” sausages are the place to buy.

Example: Asda frozen sausages 25p/each vs the cheapest gluten free option I could find in their fridge 38p/each…small numbers but still a 50% saving!! Every little helps… oh wait that’s Tesco :’)

Dairy Free Cheese

You’d think I had shares in this product given the amount of times I’ve gone on about it…but ASDA FREE FROM MOZZARELLA!! Its £2 for a grated bag vs Violife at £2.50 for grated or £2.30 for a block

What about the other supermarkets? Tescos £2, Sainsburys £2.50, Waitrose £2.35, etc etc… But honestly, I only rate Asda’s own and Violife so don’t waste your money and stick to those!!

Dairy Free Milk

Don’t buy it from the fridge. Get long life. Its the same thing!!

I watched a programme called Supershoppers – 26th May and found out that the fridge milk is exactly the same product as the long-life, just with a different carton, shorter shelf life and higher price.

Example: Alpro Almond: Fresh £1.80, Long life £1.50. Alpro Soya: Fresh £1.40, Long Life £1.50. (prices from Asda)

Hope this has been helpful! If you’ve got any other brands/products you’d like me to add, please shout!

Jess x

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