6 Tips to Make Gluten Free Cheaper

3rd October 2019
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Some of these things may sound obvious but hopefully there might be a little tip in here for you, or just bits that a good to re-hear!

(1) Make Some Swaps

You’ve got to accept certain aspects of your weekly shop WILL be more expensive…bread, pasta, etc. Can you make some swaps so you don’t need to buy them quite as frequently as you used to?

  • Do you really need sandwiches every day? Could you swap to a naturally gluten free, cheaper alternative e.g. rice boxes for lunch?
  • Do you need to buy ready meals? GF ready meals can be expensive. Why not batch cook so you’ve got some homemade ready meals in the freezer for when you need them! Bolognese is always a good one.
  • Could you make your expensive pasta last a little longer? I pack mine out with courgetti/boodles/chunky veg?

(2) Change the Way You Buy

Here’s some other ways of saving money, without changing what you eat:

  1. Yellow Sticker Bargains – be on the hunt for price reductions!! You’ll often see bread reduced because its coming towards the end of its use by date but you can just shove it in the freezer as soon as you’re home and it’ll keep for ages.
  2. Swap away from big brands on ‘other’ goods – I’m thinking about the regular stuff here, not products from the gluten free aisle. For example – Beans. Do you need Heinz? Supermarket own beans are often gluten free and a fraction of the price. 4 tins of Asdas own are £1. Heinz were £2.50. Channelling my inner “Eat Well for Less”!!

(3) Prescriptions

Did you know, in some places you can get bread and flour on prescription!??! There have been a lot of changes to prescription policies for coeliacs recently but Coeliac UK has loads of info on their website. Check here. They’ve even got a map of regions that are eligible.

I’ve actually never lived in an eligible region, but you might be more lucky!!

(4) Register for Starter Boxes

Some gluten free brands offer “starter boxes” FOR FREE. By simply signing up, they will send you a box of goodies to try!

Heres some:

  • Juvela
    • If you’re eligible for prescriptions, you can get a starter box.
    • If you’re not eligible, you can still get a free loaf of bread to try!
    • Either call them or email (details on on their website here).
    • Please note, their bread contains milk.
  • Glutafin (sister company of Schar) – if you’re eligble for prescriptions, you can get a taster box. You can sign up via their website or call them!

Here’s pics of what you’d likely receive:

(5) ApprovedFood.co.uk

This one is thanks to Jenna Farmer.

What they do: “We specialise in surplus and short-dated stock, food that is either near or just passed its ‘best before’ date – allowing us to pass on huge savings to our customers.” It safe!!!! It looks at the best before (more of a taste/look type thing), not use before (safety).

There’s tons of gf products on there – from cereals to nut butters. I found some dairy free milk and gluten free pasta, both down from £2.99 to 0.99. Well worth checking it out!! Here’s their website.

(6) Coeliac UKs £40 meal plan

Found this little gem on Coeliac UK’s website. Its a 7 day meal plan, based on two adults, with a weekly food budget of £40 (and its nutritionally balanced).

The booklet also has a ton of tips for how to save money too. Well worth a read!

Click here to download it!

(7) 3 Other Posts

I’ve written 3 other posts that might help you:

  1. Making your weekly shop cheaper – here
  2. Stuff you don’t need in the ff aisle – here
  3. Its comingggg!!! tomorrow!!

Hope this has been useful! If you’ve got any other tips I should add, please shout!!

Jess x

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