20 New Gluten Free Products: 25th April 2023

25th April 2023

Some really good products this week – from McDonald’s style nuggets to Cadbury chocolate. Hope there’s some new bits in there for you to enjoy!!! I’ve added the prices to this weeks edition – is that useful?


Sainsbury’s Deliciously Free From Battered Chicken Breast Chunks (gf, df) £3.50 – I have to say, they didn’t look as good as M&S at £3.70 but haven’t tried them yet so watch this space!

White Rabbit Mozzarella Master (gf, contains dairy) prices right now vary from £3.75 to £5.25! I’ve heard some reaaaally good reviews of this pizza so definitely worth a try.

Kirsty’s Free From in Iceland – 12 products from apple pie and carrot cake to mac and cheese and curry! All on 3 for £10

Whitby Seafoods Gluten Free Battered Calamari (gf, df): £4.50 a pack but so nice to have something like this on the market. Love their scampi so I’m sure this will be good.

Genius Ciabatta Rolls x2 (gf, df): £2.50 for 2 – i’ll try them and let you know! Very good size… “normal!”

Aldi The Fishmonger Salt & Pepper Calamari

*No pic but according to their website its gf, df*

Heck Sweet Chilli Chicken Sausages (gf, df) – got to love Heck! Nice to find dairy free chicken sausages too.

Good It’s Gluten Free! Hoi-Sin Wrap Kit (gf, df) – £3.50 – now in Asda. Hmmm not sure about this brand yet… I sampled some of their at home kits in the early days and they didn’t seem to have the right packaging to I had to chuck the fish away (from the fish and chips kit) but hey, they’re in Asda so I’m sure they’ve sorted that out. Anyone tried it? Verdict?

Good It’s Gluten Free! Fajita Wrap Kit (gf, df) £3.50 – cheaper than the Old El Paso Kit (£4.50 if you can’t find it on offer) but only 4 wraps vs Old El Paso 8 wraps

Sainsbury’s Sweet Chilli British Beef Kebabs (gf, df) £3.50 – BBQ food is creeping back onto the shelves and you should not miss these!!! We love them.

Sainsbury’s Slow Cooked Duck Legs with a Rich Red Wine & Port Glaze (gf, contains dairy): £8/serves 2

Sainsbury’s Just Cook British Gammon Joint with an Apple & Blackberry Glaze  


Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruitier & Nuttier Orange /Fruitier & Nuttier Trail Mix

Gluten-free Galaxy and Twix cookies (gf, contains dairy): £2.80 a box (4 cookies). Honest opinion – they’re basically a Maryland’s cookie so quite small for the price. Twix has a stronger flavour than Galaxy. Nice to have something individually wrapped.

Morrison’s Carousel Gluten Free Waffle Cone (gf, df): its hard to get hold of gf cones (Tesco are the only place I know who regularly stocks them) so its nice to have an alternative even if they are £2.50 a box!

Tesco Just Love Cake (gf, df): £9/serves 10

Coop Cinnamon Bun Balls – heard good things about these, apparently they have a slightly doughy texture but I haven’t been able to find them myself so pleaaaasseeee double check the ingredients label yourself!

B&M Bliss Mallow Bars – you guys are loving these! Think Kellogg’s “Squares”


Cadbury Dairy Milk the King’s Coronation and Milkybar Gold Chocolate Sharing Bar are both MAY CONTAINS

Aldi Spicy Mayo – the recipe has changed and is now a may contain. I’ve seen on Coeliacs in the Uk FB group that its caught a few people out so wanted to include it here.

Naked – another sneaky one that could easily catch you out. Did you know they have two versions that look very similar? Only the one on the right is gluten free. Easy mistake to make, especially given its a rice product so uses predominately gluten free ingredients.


  • Janette Hainsworth

    2nd May 2023 at 7:43 am

    I find the news letter very informative and gives me a better Idea of what is out there

    Thank you

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