4 New Gluten Free Products and 15 “New-To-You”: 3rd July 2023

3rd July 2023

Something a bit different this week – I’ve included 4 totally new gf products and then 15 products that aren’t new but are new to you guys and you’re loving them!

4 New Products

Costa Alpro Coconut Milk – incase you didn’t see my post, Costa have re-introduced Alpro Coconut Milk. Have a look at the details in the caption! (insta post has this pic…)

Honey Nut Cornflakes £2.40

Schar Foldable Wraps

Schar Brioche Buns

15 New to you

Promise White Bread (dairy free) – ok guys, so many of you said this… where have you been!! Haha, I’ve been raving about their white loaf for ages. Lots of you love their seeded too. Very rarely holey, a good size, high in fibre. Expensive as per but always seems to be on my Nectar offers at around £2.70/loaf so not shocking.

Rhythm 108 Hazelnut Biscuits (dairy free) – think “nutella filled biscuits”, heaven. Highly recommend.

Sainsburys Pecan Tarts (dairy free) – agree these are yummy! Bit different

White Rabbit Foccacia (dairy free) – I love these!! They make a really good on their own or I’ve used them as a pizza base before too. Really fluffy.

Too Good to Be Pork Pies – not many gf pork pie options on the market so always a winner

Schar Biscuits (dairy free) – addictive!!

Tesco Chicken Pad Thai (dairy free) – yummy, easy ready meal. Wouldn’t expect this to be gluten free so its a lovely find!

Buttermilk choc bars (dairy free) Top one is a bit like a Mars bar. Wouldn’t know they’re dairy free.

Cornetto Gluten Free (dairy free)again would never know its dairy free. No missing out here 🙂

Sainsburys Fruit Loaf – my fave comment from you guys… “a fruit toast that doesn’t take like soap!”

River Cottage Squash Ketchup (dairy free) – had to look this one up! “Our spicy Squashchup has the heat of cayenne mellowed by the sweetness of ripe squash. For when you can’t decide between chilli sauce and ketchup!”

Asda Free From Cous Cous (dairy free) – a good lunchbox alternative. Needs flavouring up in my opinion (maybe a bit of stock, roasted veg, or just some dried herbs)

Schar Meltos (contains dairy) – Kinder Bueno copy and really, reaallly good!

Schar Mini Calzone (contains dairy) – haven’t tried these myself but lots of you said they’re amazing

Morrisons chicken nuggets (dairy free) – lots of the supermarkets have something similar to this now. Taste just like Mcdonald’s. Haven’t tried these ones yet but my fave so far have been M&S

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