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19th September 2020
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I can’t cook gluten free spaghetti

Do not panic! Once you’ve nailed it, your pasta will taste the same as “normal”. I actually have something that might help – 5 tips for cooking gluten free pasta.

The brand of pasta you buy is important too – you get what you pay for unfortunately. I love Garofalo.

I can’t cook gluten free bread

Nor can I!! hahaha!! I recommend:

  • Every day bread: Warbutons or Genius. Toast from frozen
  • Buns: Schar Hamburger buns or Morrisons
  • Something special: Warburtons Tiger Loaf or Waitrose (Sourdough etc)

I’m craving proper bread but I don’t even like bread – how do I stop?

Firstly, try the ones above. Secondly, read this. It’s about preventing yourself eating ‘may contains’ but might also help for when you’re craving gluten itself!

I’m new to this gluten free game and I’m over-whelmed

You are definitely not alone. I think everyone feels like this at first and reaaally believe the NHS support post-diagnosis needs to be improved. Often, no one helps you with anything – from reading labels to understanding cross contamination… and why should you even know to look at these things?!

I’d have a quick read of this: 18 Tips for New Coeliacs: My Practical Guide

Being gluten free is affecting my life so much

I feel you. Message me for a chat because venting to someone that understands might help you let off some steam and I might actually have a solution to whatevers bothering you most

My 2 biggest issues and a bit of help:

  1. Eating at other peoples house – send this to whoever’s cooking Letter to Someone Cooking for You
  2. Convenience – I don’t really have a cure for this one yet, but know you’re not alone!!! Freezer meals and snacks are the way forward for at-home convenience but grabbing something whilst you’re out can be a hassle. I’m working on something 😉

I’m worried I’ve been glutenend

A few quick bits here: 10 tips for bloating (I know this is for bloating not glutening, but I do similar things).

I also try not to worry about whether its glutening/stomach bug. The only time to be worried which one it is (in my opinion), is if you think you’ve glutened yourself at home. Time to check all the labels in the cupboards for any new bits you’ve bought!

I wonder what Lindt choccies I can eat

SOME of them are gluten free In terms of truffle balls, we can have white or strawberries and cream. If you’re looking for a replacement for the milk truffle balls, Poundland, Aldi and Marks all have an equivalent.

Want to know the 19 other most common “is … gluten free?” questions I’m asked? Click here!

I’m starting uni soon and I don’t know how the shared kitchen will work

Lots of tips from you lovely lot…

  • Research local takeaways in advance so you have a helpful suggestion if your friends want one!
  • Have a chat with the chef in the canteen/restaurant on arrival to make you feel comfortable
  • Take your own toaster and put a label on it (some people even keep it in their room if the uni allows)
  • Let your uni know before you go because you might be able to be housed with other people with allergies
  • Be open with your house/flatmates from the start – (1) tell them how serious it is (2) drop in how expensive your food is so they’re less likely to take it! (3) make jokes of it like “if you sneakily steal my butter, you’re going to know about it because we share the same loo!!”
  • Make sure you’ve got some gluten free junk food in the cupboard for after a night out.
  • Don’t drink snakebite style drinks as they can contain beer
  • Label everything that is yours – “Jess – coeliac”
  • Ask your uni for a dedicated fridge (in your room if possible)
  • Keep stock of lots of naturally gluten free foods so you can share meals with housemates and not feel left out
  • Get a uni starter back from Coeliac UK

I’m struggling with my fibre intake

Me too!! I think this is a common issue for anyone with coeliac disease. The NHS recommends 25-30g of fibre a day and I bet if you counted it up, most of us are having sub 15g. Here’s a couple of things I do:

  1. Breakfast: I make a10g fibre smoothie with avocados (buy them frozen – they make it creamier), chia seeds (can’t taste them but could use flaxseed if you don’t like the bits), raspberries (amazing source of fibre) and milk (no fibre, just to make it thinner)
  2. Aubergine – very high in fibre! I’m having at least 2 or 3 a week. I just chop it into cubes and pan fry until soft. I either have it as a side (cut into cubes, add some herbs and a squeeze of tomato puree) or mix into the pasta sauce or whatever I’m eating
  3. TONS of other veg!!!! It takes a lot but luckily I love veg – peas and broccoli are fab
  4. Cauliflower Rice
  5. Snack on almonds. Amazing dipped in chocolate haha 🙂

I feel rubbish when I see my family eating food thats not gf food

Maaaaannnn its hard isn’t it!!! I have a stash of my own goodies in my room that I can whip out when they crack open the chocolates. Also, I often offer to cook something for everyone so we all eat the same thing. If there’s something in particular they’re eating that bothers you, could you make your own? Not sure?! Message me!

Aside from that, take comfort in the fact you’re not alone.

I have a new boyfriend and being in each others kitchens is hard. He’s offered to go gf.

Wow, boyfriend points! Totally get this one, Charlie and I had a similar issue. We’d been together for years when I found out I was coeliac but here’s what we did

  • In my flat, he had a little area for gluten pasta/bread
  • In his flat, I had a little area for my stuff
  • I cooked/we cooked together so I could show him what I needed to do (wipe the sides, clean pan etc)
  • We shopped together for our meals so we could learn to read labels together

Now we live together, the only gluten he eats is the occasional brioche bun and treats (Guillevin chocolate spring to mind!). Everything else is gluten free and you’d never, ever know. These are the only things he felt he was “missing out” on and I wouldn’t take them off him haha 🙂

Its annoying that the quantity of gf foods during lockdown has reduced. Vegan is taking over and the gf fad is dying down.

I hear you. I have no words.

My mum/dad/neighbour/friend bought me something that wasn’t suitable for coeliacs

I always feel horrendous when this happens. Depending on who it is, I either 1) make a joke of it“mummmm did you not even read the label, theres a big fat may contain gluten there!!!” but then follow it up with “honestly don’t worry, you’re not used to having to check labels and I’d be the same if I was you!2) say thank you and make Charlie eat some when they’re not looking

McDonald’s veggie dippers disappearing has annoyed me

Me too!!! Good news, I messaged them on Twitter and apparently they’re undergoing quality control checks so might be back ?! Lets all cross our fingers!

Finally: This one made me laugh (and panic!)… “Muggles, don’t start going crazy and buying all the gluten free pasta again. We need it!!!!

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