10 Good Things About Being Gluten Free

25th August 2021

Admittedly, there are plenty of tough things about being gluten free but lets turn a negative into a positive and find some of the good things. Can you think of 10 GOOD THINGS ABOUT BEING GLUTEN FREE? Nope? I found it hard at first too haha. Well, read this and I will share all the things we’ve thought of…

(1) You learn new cooking skills

From how to make a white sauce to perfecting the art of pizza bases and everything in between! I’d never, ever had considered making half of the things I cook now so thank you coeliac disease, you’ve given me a new skill 😉

(2) You’re more aware what’s in your food

Having to read the ingredients labels of everything we eat means we get the opportunity to really look at what goes into our food. We have more knowledge about which products are mega processed and can steer away from them if we want to. It can be a real eye opener!

(3) You have a new level of excitement for new products

I can’t say I ever used to get particularly excited about the idea of a new loaf of bread or chocolate bar before my coeliac diagnosis, but now its like Christmas!!! I know you guys feel the same because my “New Products” posts are the most popular on my blog!!

(4) No more stomach pain/other symptoms

Once you’ve found that gluten is the root cause of your problems, at least you can eliminate it.

(5) You don’t have to share your snacks

For some reason, people hear “gluten free” and think bland/tasteless. Let them think that so we can have allll the snacks to ourselves

(6) The satisfaction of making something gluten free and everyone liking it!

Another source of happiness that you just wouldn’t get it you wasn’t gluten free! How good does it feel when someone takes a bit of one of your bakes, loves it and you say “its gluten free” and they look shocked. That’ll never get old.

(7) You often get a whole pizza to yourself

Having your mates round for pizza? Another of the positives about being gluten free Usually your the only one that is gluten free so whilst everyone else might be sharing, you get your own!!! Winner winner!

(8) You get the role of social secretary at work/with friends

Because of your dietary restrictions, its often up to you to decide where to eat. So even if a restaurant does cater but you don’t like it, you can pick somewhere else! Blame the coeliac disease – “sorry, they don’t cater for me” 😉

(9) Less decision making!!

If, like me, you find it difficult to make decisions then being gluten free is actually a bonus… less choice in the supermarkets and in restaurants means quick and easy decisions haha

(10) Saved the BEST till last. You’re part of a community.

The Instagram gluten free community is incredible. The level of support you can get from fellow gluten freers is insane. You even feel that sense of community when you’re in the free from aisle of a supermarket and you glance over at someone else standing in the same bit. You want to be friends, instantly!

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