What are gluten free people thinking right now? 15th Feb 2022

15th February 2022
Blog post

So we’re midway through Feb, Christmas is a distant memory and regular life has snuck back in! So what are gluten free people thinking about right now? Here’s a collection of common thoughts from you lovely lot!

There’s a lack of gluten free grab and go food on the market

I’m so with you on this one! Luckily I don’t have to eat on the go very often, but I recently put together a gluten free on-the-go guide to help. Have a look there – might be something new for you!

Costa changing their dairy-free milk

I’m a very annoyed ex-Costa drinking coeliac… boooo!!

The story: Costa has changed all of their dairy free milks to a brand that “may contain gluten”. This means:

  • NOT DAIRY FREE? milk-containing hot drinks aren’t safe due to the risk of cross contamination unless you ask the Barista to clean down the steamer etc to make it safer
  • DAIRY FREE? We can’t have any dairy-free milk containing drinks 🙁 have to stick to black coffee/fruit teas

Something else annoying… my local Costa chucked away >£100 worth of the old milk because they had to bring in the new milks overnight. Why didn’t they give it away?!!?!?!!

I’m told the new brand of milk is owned by the same company as Costa, hence the change. I’ve also heard nothing but bad things about the taste of the new dairy free milks from non-coeliacs anyway…so lets home they change back!!!!

Pret and Starbucks both use a gluten containing oat milk so you’d need to ask them to clean the machine too. Boo.

Should I get a breadmaker?

Ok here’s my verdict:

  • Positives:
    • the bread is really fluffy and delicious
    • you can buy bread mixes to make the process really easy
    • it makes the house smell delicious
  • Negatives:
    • the cost is roughly the same as good gluten free shop-bought bread so its not the money saver you might hope it could be!
    • the bread doesn’t last very long – a couple of days at most
    • its very difficult to slice into thin slices to freeze
    • the machines are pretty large!

Net net, I do love my breadmaker (gifted machine but honest opinion!). I make bread around once a month, especially when I’m making bacon sarnies for non-gluten-freers as they really can’t tell the difference. I’d say its an expensive treat. More info on Using a Breadmaker to Make Gluten Free Bread here.

I want some non-bread based lunches

Have a look at some of the bits I make here: 10 Quick Lunch Ideas

Cross contamination in a mix gluten free/non-gluten free house

I’m wondering whether I should write a blog post on this? Would it be helpful? Let me know!

People just don’t get it. People think im being awkward/fussy and I’ll be fine with a little bit

The first thing to remember is there probably was a time when you didn’t know what coeliac disease was too so don’t be frustrated/fed up/etc when they’ve never heard of it before. So hard, I know!!

Keep the explanation simple. I usually go with something like “it means I can’t even have a crumb of gluten. If I do, my body attacks itself and causes damage to my stomach which makes me really sick immediately but also can cause long term complications”.

If they have heard my little explanation and still make stupid comments, I just let it go! It’s not worth the energy. I think: “they’re just lucky they don’t understand”. Again, so hard to do but sometimes there’s just no changing people!!!!! And take comfort in the fact you’re not alone.

I’m coeliac but I lack willpower when good gluten-containing food is around

I have to be honest and say I’ve never suffered with this one. I just couldn’t imagine wanting to eat something that could make me sick or cause damage… but that said I’m not judging you at all!!!! We’re all different and I do feel really lucky that I don’t feel that pull.

I’ve written this blog post on “why you shouldn’t eat may contains” but it would apply to generally eating gluten too. It includes my own tips as well as lots of tips from my followers too. Maybe its worth saving a print-screen of it in your phone and having a look at the toughest moments?

If that doesn’t work, PLEASE message me when you’re struggling and I’ll do my best to help however I can 🙂 DON’T EAT THE GLUTEN :)!!!!!

What chain restaurants are safe to eat in?

A couple spring to mind: Pizza Express, Nandos, Giggling Squid, Honest Burgers, Prezzo, Dominoes… but there are lots more!!

I’m wondering whether I should write a blog post on this one too? Would it be helpful? Let me know!

If you’re looking for advice one eating out generally, have a read of this: “Tips for Eating Out: How to Make it Easy”

Gluten free options are getting more limited/vegan taking over

I don’t want to sound like I’m remotely knocking vegans/the rise of vegan products whatsover but I do think its fact that vegan products are taking gluten free shelf space. It’s a shame they can’t cater to both markets at the same time.

Hard to know what to say back to this other than just remember we do have LOADS of gluten free products still and there’s plenty outside of the free from aisle! We’ve got this 😉

Products changing their ingredients and tough to be aware and check everything all the time

I’m with you on that one too. Aldi and Lidl crisps, I’m looking at you!!!

We can only do our very best! Make sure you’re following lots of gluten free Instagram accounts and “Coeliacs in the UK” on Facebook where hopefully they’ll point out any major changes. Hopefully, we’ve got you :)!!


  • Francesco giovino

    15th February 2022 at 6:04 pm

    I am a 42 year old man and recently found out I am coeliac. The day after I got my first covid jag I started to have issues. It has honestly been a really tough transaction. Being half Italian, I love bread, pizza, pasta etc etc. I have found the GF options to be so different. I struggle with why food producers make GF food dairy free too. Your blogs have been really good so I wanted to thank you and say keep up the good work with the recipes and tips ( especially sweet things)

    Thank you

    1. jkitchengf

      25th February 2022 at 10:10 am

      Thats so lovely – thank you. If I can ever help, just shout x

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