18+ *New* Gluten Free Products at Asda

18th February 2022
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Yes, there really are 18 New *New* Gluten Free Products at Asda. They have been super duper busy and bought out SO many new bits so I couldn’t help but quickly write up a summary of all my new finds.

*Warning, most of these are in the stores but not on the website so you can’t order as part of your online shop yet. That is why I’ve also used other peoples pics (thanks so much to everyone who has!) or very blurry pics taken from Asda’s website – as much as I love you lot, I wasn’t braving this wind to go and get my own!!!*

Let’s get cracking with my 18 *NEW* gluten free products at Asda…

Free From Gretel the Guinea Pig £6 – not sure how I feel about this one but each to their own haha 🙂 (pic curtesy of @newproductsuk)

4 Mini Frieda Caterpillar Cakes £2.50 – we have some mini caterpillars!!!! You can get full-sized versions in quite a few of the supermarkets not but how cute are these little ones. For me, these would be a bit of a treat anyway so £2.50 sounds fair but what do you think?

Sticky Ginger Cake £1.50 – getting rave reviews & think its a really good price point too. Have to be honest and say I’ve never actually had a sticky ginger cake and its never been something I’d craved but judging by the reaction on fb, I think I may be in a club of 1 here!! The excitement is real!!

Extra Special Free From Carrot Cake Slices £2 – I do like a bit of carrot cake. You can get a bigger, more indulgent slice from Kirsty at Asda, Waitrose & Ocado but other than that the supermarket options are quite limited so this is a very welcome addition to the market! (pic curtesy of @newproductsuk)

Free From Easter Mini Muffins £3 – Yes please. Really want to try these! (pic curtesy of @newproductsuk)

Extra Special Free From Honeycomb & Raspberry Slab £4 – Nice to see something a bit different. Pretty expensive though.

Free From Hot Cross Bun Fudge £2 (gf, dairy free) and ASDA Extra Special Extra Special Handmade Hot Cross Bun Fudge £2 (gf, contains dairy) Both the gluten free but the “free from” version is dairy free too and they are THE SAME PRICE!!!! Hallelujah.

Hot Cross Buns – plain and choc chip – £2.20 – I think there might be some chilli and cheddar ones too? I’m told they’re very good but I’ll always be slightly annoyed that gluten free products are just sooo expensive. Their regular hot cross buns are £1 for 6 so 16p each and the gluten free version works out as 92p each. That’s nearly 6 times more expensive.

Easter Bits

  • Easter Egg with White Choc Buttons
  • Choc Easter Bunny
  • Extra Special Easter Egg Selection
  • Honeycomb Egg
  • Marble Choc Easter Egg
  • Extra Special Dark Chocolate Egg with Vanilla Flavour Truffles

Whole Creations Cauliflower Gnocchi £3

Buy Cauliflower Gnocchi | Vegan & Gluten Free UK Online | wholecreations

Whole Creations Dairy and Gluten Free Cauli Wings £3.60

Whole Creations Gluten Free Chipotle Sheesy Bites £3.60

imageOfProduct id = 530050011

Want some more new products?

I have a wholeeeee section of all my most recent new product blog posts here: “New Products”

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