• Gluten Free Food in Asda’s Just Essentials Range

    30th August 2022

    I’ve seen loads of great reviews about Asda’s Just Essentials range so I thought I’d have a quick look through to see what’s gluten free and good news is …. there’s LOADS!!! All the meat and veg is obviously gluten free but here’s some of the bits you might not have thought to pick up:…

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  • Accidentally Gluten Free Food in Tesco

    7th March 2022

    This guide includes gluten free “normal” aisle finds in TESCO. I’ve only included the bits that would be *easy to miss* they definitely don’t sound like they’d be gluten free!! For example, would you ever pick up Sainsbury’s normal aisle Crispy Beef?!! Now you will 😉 As always, please check the ingredients yourself too. This…

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  • My 14 Favourite Products from 2021

    26th January 2022

    2021 was another tough year and it would have been even tougher in Jessica’s Kitchen without my favourite gluten free products listed here!! All things I discovered during the last year and LOVED. All gluten free. Dairy free too unless stated otherwise. Trek Millionaire Bar – I struggle to get enough protein and I’m not usually…

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  • The New Gluten Free Domino’s Pizzas x Schar: Your Questions Answered

    9th July 2021

    GUESS WHAT…. Gluten free Dominos is back!!!!!!! As we know, Domino’s removed the gluten free bases from their menus over Covid due to social distancing, this meant reduced staff numbers in their kitchens so they couldn’t have a dedicated member of staff to prepare our gluten free pizzas at this time (boooo!!!) but they are…

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