My 14 Favourite Products from 2021

26th January 2022

2021 was another tough year and it would have been even tougher in Jessica’s Kitchen without my favourite gluten free products listed here!! All things I discovered during the last year and LOVED.

All gluten free. Dairy free too unless stated otherwise.

Trek Millionaire Bar – I struggle to get enough protein and I’m not usually a big fan of cereal bars but these are delicious, filling and high in protein. Loving them warmed up in the microwave at the moment.

High-Protein Millionaire Shortbread Power Bar | Vegan & Gluten Free | TREK

Alpro Vanilla Pots – basically cold custard. Yum!

Garofalo Pasta – forever my favourite pasta brand. Expensive but by far the best.

Garofalo Gluten Free Casarecce | Ocado

Veggie Dippers at Mcdonalds – saved my hunger pains many times! Gluten Free Mcdonalds guide here

McDonald's launches first-ever vegan meal today with dippers that taste of  pesto

Sainsburys own FRESH Pizza – the fresh one is gluten, dairy free. The frozen one (in almost identical packaging) contains dairy. I always add a few toppings but the base is lovely.

Sainsbury's Deliciously Free From Vegan Margherita Pizza 330g | Sainsbury's

FREEE Bread Mix. – my bread maker has been a revelation! It works out no cheaper than shop-bought bread but I do really rate this mix. More info on my breadmaker here (article written as part of on ad but (hopefully!) obviously all the views etc are my own). I’m told Juvela is also brilliant but struggled to get hold of it.

Nomo Caramel and Galaxy Cookie Crumble – yum. I am a chocoholic and I can’t get enough of these two.

Tempura Chicken – M&S, Aldi, Sainsburys (all in the normal aisles). We use it for all sorts – in a wrap, with chips and beans, chopped up and stirred through a sweet and sour sauce. M&s is the best one, closely followed by Sainsburys and then Aldi’s is ok but the batter tends to fall off more than the others so its not so great for sweet and sour.

White Rabbit Foccine – fluffy and yum

M&S Samosas – tough to get hold of and not exactly filo but definitely satisfy a craving and theres no other version on the market so I’ll take it!!

20 New Gluten Free Products at M&S today! With Reviews!! - Jessica's Kitchen

Warburtons Soft Squares – wow these got such good reviews and I totally get why. Seriously soft. You’d never know they’re gluten free.

Warburtons Gluten Free 4 Super Soft Sliced Square Rolls

These bits contains dairy:

Starbucks Ham and Cheese Panini – so good to have another choice on the highstreet… and something warm!!

Crispy Oranges by Terry’s – I’m told these are pretty lovely and satisfy a Terrys craving (the oranges are all a “May contain”)

Ferrero Bar – we can now get a gluten free Ferrero hit all year round! Apparently a little on the small size for the price but its Ferrero and it tastes epic so they’re forgiven and we’ll buy them anyway haha

Ferrero Rocher will launch its first range of chocolate bars in white, milk  and a dark next week | Daily Mail Online

What were your favourite new finds last year? Come and tell me on Instagram 🙂

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