Gluten Free Food in Asda’s Just Essentials Range

30th August 2022
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I’ve seen loads of great reviews about Asda’s Just Essentials range so I thought I’d have a quick look through to see what’s gluten free and good news is …. there’s LOADS!!! All the meat and veg is obviously gluten free but here’s some of the bits you might not have thought to pick up:


  • Baked Beans 25p
  • Beef Mince & Onion 650g £2.65
  • Mash (contains milk) 69p
  • 8 Sausages 96p *FRESH not the frozen ones
  • Potato Pops 72p

Ready Meals

  • Chicken Curry and Rice (contains milk) £1.35
  • Fish Pie (contains milk) £1.35
  • Chilli Con Carne £1.35


  • Bolognese Pasta Sauce 39p
  • Mild Curry Sauce 28p
  • Sweet & Sour Cooking Sauce 42p


  • Apple & Blackcurrant Double Strength Squash 41p

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