17 New Gluten Free Products: 7th Sept 2022

7th September 2022
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Schar Tarralli (lactose free) -I’ve tried these and they are AMAZING. Think soft breadstick hoops.

Buttermilk Orange Segments (dairy free) – hello! I’ll be asking Santa for these 🙂

White Rabbit Risotto (dairy free) – White Rabbit products are expensive but I think they’re good quality and a nice treat.

Asda Range – Asda have a new “value” range called Just Essentials and I’ve written a guide about all the gf bits here

Tesco Bombay Mix (dairy free)– not sure if this is new but its new to me!! Nice to find something like this that we can actually have

M&S Steak Pie (dairy free) – Ocado says this is new… is it?

Pieminister Mooless Moo (vegan) – made with jackfruit, looks yum!

BEPPS (dairy free) – another brand that isn’t new but is new to me so thought it might be for you too! I’ve recently worked on an ad with them… as always, before I agree to work together I try the product to make sure I love it and oh my goodness. I’ve had a bag a day since. There’s lots of flavours but this one is mine (and Charlie’s is BBQ). They taste like crunchier Popchips

Munchies Bar (contains dairy)– I know lots of you won’t believe this so click here for ingredients !!!!

M&S Meal Deal “Family Dine in – Italian”: 2 Mains and 4 Extras for £15. Here’s the gf bits I found. Most contained dairy.

MilkyBar Festive Friends (contains dairy) – I wouldn’t normally share Christmas products now but given its hard to get gf white chocolate (and Milkybar specifically), I needed to shout about the fact these are already in stores and gluten free!!!

Choc Xmas Tubs – they’re just starting to hit the shops so as a reminder:

  • We can have Roses,
  • We can have Heros except the Dinky Deckers (which are made on a separate line so don’t cross contaminate the rest of the tub),
  • We can have Quality Street (careful of any John Lewis special ones – not been announced yet)
  • We CAN’T HAVE any Celebrations (cc risk on all of them)

Tesco Sauces – check out the section where the stir fry veg and fresh noodles are. Tescos have got lots of yummy new gluten free sauces but their website is down right now so can’t share pics!!


Coop Bacon Rasher Crisps are no longer gluten free

Heinz Hash Browns with Beans at Iceland are a may contain … boooo!!

Alpro Not Milk is not gluten free – just wanted to flag this as I’m seeing it advertised a lot and it contains OATS which are not gluten free (like Oatly)

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