Gluten Free Chr*stmas Chocolates To Stock Up On

8th September 2022
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I wouldn’t usually be sharing Christmas Chocolate in September however, there are some chocs that us gluten-free folk can’t easily get during the rest of the year that pop up at Christmas! So, ignore the Christmas packaging and fill your boots guys!!


Festive Friends – most Milkybars contain gluten/may contain so we have to stock up at Easter and Christmas but these are safe so go go go!

**NB its only the bags like this. The hollow shapes are NOT gluten free**

Dairy Milk

Another difficult one during the rest of the year! I’ve got a whole Cadbury guide here but long story short, if you want coeliac safe, plain dairy milk you can normally only have the “Mini” bars but at Christmas we can also have these..

  • Advent Bar
  • Chunk Pouch 
  • Classics Wholenut Caramel 
  • Snowman
  • Snowballs

There’s likely to be more coming but I think this is all of the products that are currently on the shelves…

**Please note: tree decs, hollow snowmen, christmas puds, selection box and the massive 850g all contain/may contain wheat and are not gluten free.**


Yes these are gluten free!!! Don’t expect a KitKat wafer inside, but still, I’ll take it!

**PLEASE be careful with these… they look very similar to the Malteser Reindeer packets which are NOT gluten free and it catches people every year 🙁 **


Terrys choc oranges are a may contain gluten. Last Christmas they had “Terry’s Crispy Oranges” (biscuity/crunchy ball coated in orange choc). I can’t see them on sale (yet!) this year. Looks like they’ve replaced them with these…


Cookie Dough Reindeer – yum.

Christmas Tubs

Cadbury Roses – all safe!

Cadbury Hero’s – all safe EXCEPT the dinky decker. They have confirmed the dinky deckers are made on a different production line so there’s no CC risk

Quality street – all safe (just be careful of any John Lewis special edition chocs – last year they had the “Crispy Truffle Bite” which wasn’t gf)

Quality Street Bars – new this year… Orange Crunch and the Purple One are gluten free

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