The New Gluten Free Domino’s Pizzas x Schar: Your Questions Answered

9th July 2021
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GUESS WHAT…. Gluten free Dominos is back!!!!!!!

As we know, Domino’s removed the gluten free bases from their menus over Covid due to social distancing, this meant reduced staff numbers in their kitchens so they couldn’t have a dedicated member of staff to prepare our gluten free pizzas at this time (boooo!!!) but they are now back. They’re different though… they’ve bought out a NEW BASE and its delicious. I think its time to forgive them for their sins!


  1. The new bases are produced by Schar – it is NOT the base on sale in the supermarkets
  2. Domino’s is Coeliac UK Accredited
  3. Price wise, without deals etc, they range from £11.99 to £13.99 for a small, which is 9.5” across.

The announcement has brought lots of questions all over social media … is it really coeliac safe? Does it cost more than the regular pizzas? Can I get a gluten & dairy free pizza? Oh, and, how do I order? ? Well, the good news is that I’ve been speaking to Schar and I have all the answers.

Let me show you how good they’re looking and then we’ll get answers to your questions.

gluten free domino's
gluten free domino's


Why would I pay more for a Schar base from Domino’s when I can buy one for less in the supermarket?

Good news – it’s actually a *completely different base*? to the supermarket one. Schar have spent YEARS working with Dominos to develop this base and its specifically made for them. 

My verdict: its thin, has a fluffy middle, crunchy crusts and tastes great. Genuinely really enjoyed it. If you need more convincing (1) my non-gf boyfriend liked it too and that’s pretty high praise!! (2) it was also good cold. How rare is that with gf pizza – it normally goes like cardboard!

It’s annoying it costs more than the gluten-containing pizzas

It doesn’t cost more. Here’s the price comparison of the SAME SIZED, gluten-containing pizzas vs gluten-free:

  • Cheese and Tomato £11.99 vs GF £11.99
  • Pepperoni £13.99 vs GF £13.99
  • New Yorker £13.99 vs GF £13.99
  • Vegi Supreme £12.99 vs GF 12.99
  • Texas BBQ £13.99 vs GF £13.99

Yep, they’re all exactly the same!!!!!!

It’s still too expensive.

You can get the gf pizza in the deals!!! Quite often, the deals are ex-gluten free but nope, Dominos have included us! ! *disclaimer- each franchise will have its own range of deals so these may not be available in every store

  1. £13.99 Date with Dominos – Small. A small pizza, sumptuous side and a 500ml drink for £13.99. 
  2. Buy one pizza, get the other half price
  3. Two for Tuesdays – NB the adverts say “medium and large only” but if you click on the deals section of their website, there’s actually a “Two for Tuesday Gluten Free” so we can be included
  4. £21 Family Deal – Small – 2 small pizzas, garlic pizza bread OR a portion of potato wedges and a bottle of drink for £21. The sides aren’t gluten free but this deal works for me as Charlie has the sides and I’m not bothered!

Is the gluten free Domino’s pizza really small?

It fills me up but everyone different… if its too small for you, order two – two for Tuesdays!!

Why can’t I customise it more? Is it because they’re all pre-made and frozen?

No, they are prepared freshly in store.

The toppings can’t currently be changed to minimise the risk of cross contamination, the toppings available are the ones that don’t come into contact with Gluten, it’s a start and hey, if enough of us ask nicely, they might sort that out!

How do I order a gluten, dairy free pizza?

The base and tomato sauce are both gluten and dairy free. The cheese is the issue…

  • The dairy-containing cheese process: As I understand it, when we order a gluten free pizza, rather than using the cheese from the gluten-containing production line, they open a brand-new bag of cheese to avoid cc. As loads of dairy-containing cheese pizzas are ordered, they can feel pretty confident that the new bag will get used up quickly.
  • So why can’t they do this for dairy free? My guess is because not enough vegan pizzas are made every day to warrant opening lots of fresh bags of vegan cheese every time


1) Order without cheese: if you click “customise”, you’ll see the mozzarella cheese line in a blue box. Click on it once and it’ll say “extra”, click again and it’ll go white. That means you have removed the cheese. You can double check you’ve done this right at the checkout. It should look like this (with the red “minus mozzarella cheese”)

That might sound miserable, but I actually really like it!! You could quickly add your cheese at home and still feel like you’re part of the Domino’s night or just go without and order plenty of extra toppings and the vegan garlic dip like me…

2) Ring your store: I rang 3 different stores. 2 out of 3 were happy to open a fresh vegan cheese bag for me! The other said its just not an option on their till so he wasn’t comfortable doing it, but worth asking yours.

Is it really coeliac safe?

YES! The gluten free pizzas are accredited by Coeliac UK so that should give us the confidence we need!

They are prepared by one dedicated member of staff in a separate area of the store to avoid any potential contamination.

They even come with a little gf sticker, sealing the boxes, which really does fill me with confidence that someone has looked after my order.

Here’s some info from their website:

“We’ve worked hard to develop our gluten free pizza and are pleased to offer customers a Coeliac UK accredited option, which tastes great too. Our pizza base is made in a dedicated central product facility and stored in sealed pouches before use. Once in store, we’ve implemented a range of measures to ensure our gluten free pizza is suitable for coeliacs. Domino’s team members are specially trained, and each pizza is made from start to finish by the same individual. We also use freshly cleaned equipment to produce each pizza while handling fresh sauce and cheese. Finally, we conduct a hot rack check before any gluten free pizza is given to our customers.

As part of our Coeliac UK accreditation, stores are carefully audited against third party defined criteria. Each year, some of our stores are selected for audit in which we demonstrate all measures we take to provide gluten free options, as well as demonstrating how we make our gluten free pizzas. All our stores display a Coeliac UK sticker in the door. Our Food Technical team maintain on-going dialogue with Coeliac UK to provide updates to our gluten free menu and store audits.” Click here to read more

*This blog post was written as part of a paid collaboration with Schar but as always, the views, pictures etc etc are all my own, Jess xx

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