20 New Gluten Free Products: 9th June 2022

9th June 2022
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This edition is split into 3: savoury, sweet and some other info. Hope there’s some new bits in there for you! Enjoy, Jess x


Misfits Cereal (gf, df) – a gluten free protein cereal… I love their bars but I’m not sure I can try this at £7.50 a box!!!!!!!

Bfree Muffins (gf, df) – these were in several major supermarkets a few years back but they disappeared. I’m told theyre back and tastier than before 😉

Tesco Nut Free Satay Sauce & Katsu Sauce (gf, df) – what a genius idea to have a nut free satay!!!

Waitrose Crispy Potato Slices (gf, df) – not new but new to me and delish

Coop Gluten Free Tempura Chicken (gf, df) – normal aisle. just about everywhere has them now! Except sainsburys who had them then sneakily decided to add gluten and not really tell anyone about it…

Leon Waffle Fries – garlic aioli & rosemary (gf, df) – new flavour alert!

M&S Cocktail Sausages – different flavours (all gf df) – such good reviews! Think they’ve been very popular so not easy to get hold of.

M&S Feta Fries – normal aisle find!

Boots Hunters Style Chicken Salad (temporary for Jubilee I think?)

Asda also have a new gluten free Cheese and Tomato sandwich!!! Couldn’t find a pic!


Sainsburys Free From Summer Berry Slices (gf, df) – thank you for the pic @fittiefodmapldn!!

M&S Made Without Iced Buns and Teacakes (gf, df) – these have had SUCH good reviews. Stock seems to vary from store to store. Made Without Double Choc Muffins new to some stores too.

Morrisons Biscuit Sauce (gf, contains dairy) – sounds insane!!!! Think Biscoff and caramel. Ice cream sauce, drizzle into brownie batter, in an iced coffee… Thank you for the pic @newfoodsuk

Bliss Indulgent Layers Bars (gf, contains dairy) – Pic taken from their fb – in Home Bargains and B&M I believe.

Sainsbury’s Peach OR Strawberries & Cream Flavoured Infusion Tea Bags – thought these would be really good over ice!!!

Waitrose Summer Cup Sorbet Minis (gf, df) – thought this was such a good idea for dairy freers instead of a lolly for sunny days in the garden.

M&S 6 Zesty Pink Lemonade Lollies (gf, df) – really want to try these!!!

Sainsbury’s Coronation Chicken Flavour Hand Cooked Potato Crisps (gf, df) – any kind of chicken crisps is a winner for me.

Pip & Nut Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Butter (gf, df)

Other Info

Just seen these new sauces (available in Tesco). Haven’t seen them yet so cant verify if they’re gluten free but keep your eyes peeled!!!

Burger King – bit random but hear me out! – know we cant actually eat in Burger King but apparently they’ve launched a Fanta lemon frozen (slushy type) drink. Can’t find the ingredients online but if its true and its gluten free, I’M THERE!!

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