16 New Gluten Free Products 29th Sept 2022

30th September 2022
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All sorts of new bits for you today. I’ve split the guide into savoury and sweet. One Warning at the bottom.


Tesco Finest Chicken Pad Thai (dairy free) – so rare to find a gluten free pad thai ready meal, usually the sauce has gluten!

Tesco Finest Beef, Chorizo Chilli & Rice (dairy free) – im going to be adding chorizo to my chillis from now on!

Heck Sausage Dippers – hmm what do you think of the corn dog looking ones?! I’ll try them and tell you what they’re like

Tesco Mozzarella and Tomato Bites (contains dairy)

**haven’t got a pic but they’re in the fridges!**

Tesco Soft Cheese and Garlic Bites (contains dairy)

**haven’t got a pic but they’re in the fridges!**

Asda Red’s True Barbecue Joyous Pulled Pork with Glorious Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce (dairy free) – something you’d never think would be gluten free.

Jolly Hog Apple Porkers – I am a big apple sausage fan so these are a very welcome addition.

Tescos new range – MOR 50/50 Pork Chipolatas With Tomato,  Gourmet Beef Pties With Red Pepper, Sausages With Bramley Apple & Spinach

Morrisons The Best Siracha Halloumi Fries (contains dairy) – yum!! Halloumi “fries” popping up everywhere. Tesco has some too.

M&S Collection 16 BBQ Pork Belly Squares (dairy free) – Christmas party food is creeping onto the shelves and that means we actually have some gluten free party food!!

M&S Collection 12 Sticky Asian Style Chicken Lollipops (dairy free) – we buy these every Christmas. The sticky sauce is really good.


M&S Rocky Road Bites (dairy free) – thanks to a lovely follower for these pics! I’m told they’re highly addictive!! Think revels but “rocky road” insides.

M&S Honeycomb and Caramel Bar (dairy free) – thanks to a lovely follower for these pics!

M&S Dairy Free Giant Buttonsthanks to a lovely follower for these pics!

Starbucks Fruit and Nut Bars (contains dairy) – looks small and disappointing but hey, at least they’ve added something that is gf. Comes in a sealed plastic packet.

M&S Chocolate Orange Swirl (contains dairy) – there is no way I’m buying this because it will be gone in 30 seconds.

Aldi High Protein Mousse… this isnt the pic but I can’t find a pot anywhere!! It says “mousse” rather than pudding and I’m told its gf and lactose free?!


Oykos Extra Creamy – I saw someone of FB post a picture to show these had a may contain warning added to them. I’m not sure if its across the board, or just the peach flavour but one to double check if you’re an Oykos fan!!

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