22 New Gluten Free Products: 28th June 2022

28th June 2022
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I’ve broken it into 3 this week: drinks, sweet and savoury. Hope there’s some new bits in there for you…


Dash Water Mango Infused Sparkling Waters (gf, df) – LOVE this water and haven’t tried this flavour yet.

Pret Seltzers (gf, df) – can be difficult to get a drink in coffee shops (the oat milk sagas) so its nice to find something like this that we can pick up without the fuss!

Tango Apple Sugar Free at Tesco (gf, df) – SUGAR FREEE!!! I love Appletizer but too much sugar doesn’t agree with me so I’m really hoping these will satisfy my craving!


Rhythm108 Swiss Vegan Roasted Almond Butter Bar with Milk Chocolate (gf, df) – delish chocolate so I’m sure I’ll love this…

M&S Giant Fruit & Nut Bar (gf, contains dairy) – you can’t go wrong with M&S!

The Coconut Collaborative Vegan Double Cream – said to be whippable too! (gf, df)

Tesco Prawn Cocktail Flavour Mini Rice & Corn Cakes (gf, may contain dairy)

<Can’t find a pic>

Nesquik Choco Caramel (gf, df) – new flavour!! Love this stuff.

Morrisons Free From 4 Coffee & Walnut Cake Slice (gf, df) -coffee and walnut cake is one of my faves. you can’t beat homemade but I can’t wait to try these.


Yo! Korean Style Sweet Chilli Coat & Cook (gf, df) – something a bit different for dinner!

Sainsburys Melt in the Middle Cod Fishcakes (gf, contains dairy) – **they haven’t got the free from version online yet so this is the pic of the regular ones. The free from version looks the same but has a gold “free from” banner under “taste the difference”

Morrisons The Pizza Deal Loaded Potato Skins (gf, contains dairy) – YUM

Morrisons Best Burger Slaw with Cheese (gf, contains dairy) – not sure about this, I’ll give it a go and let you know!

Morrisons The Pizza Deal French Fries (gf, df) – gf skinny fries, amazing!

Morrisons Plant Revolution Vegetable Paella (gf, df) – looks lovely doesn’t it!

Pollen & Grace Peri Peri Spicy Rice Meal Box (gf, df) – I’ve tried a couple of these (from Sainsburys and Tesco) and loved them so looking forward to trying this.

ASDA Extra Special Ultimate Footlong Pork Sausages (gf, df) – not sure we’ll find a foot long gf roll to go with it but hey…

ASDA Extra Special Ultimate British Chicken Shawarma Kebab (gf, contains dairy) – oohh bit different! M&S have a shawarma too if you’re a fan.

Mindful Chef Meals at Waitrose: (all gf, df) – How good do these sound!!

  • Chilli Con Carne With Brown Rice
  • Black Chickpea And Cashew Korma
  • Fish Pie With Sweet Potato Mash
  • Chicken Tikka Masala With Brown Rice

Couldn’t help but share…

Percy Pig Ice Cube Tray – I NEED this. Although I think I might get a bit sad when Percy melts…

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