• 25 NEW Gluten Free Products: 27th Oct 2020

    27th October 2020

    There’s so many new bits this week that I’ve divided it into 3: (1) Tesco (2) Waitrose (3) Asda *As always, please double check the ingredients for yourself incase anything has changed. Also, because of coronavirus I’m venturing out a lot less so I rely on the ingredients info on the supermarkets website.** TESCO Sharwood’s…

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  • 18 New Gluten Free Products: 16th Oct 2020

    16th October 2020

    Marks and Spencer – new oven ready meals (gf, contain milk) Anyone placed an Ocado M&S order yet?! These will be added to the gf spring rolls, dim sum and tempura chicken next time I do ? Marks and Spencer – Cook with Chris Baber (some gf, df) – these sounds interesting! Bit expensive but…

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  • My Favourite New Products from Aug & Sept 2020

    2nd October 2020

    Based on reviews from you lovely lot and my own taste testing, I’ve picked out my 12 favourite new products that were launched from August-September of 2020. If you want to see all of the “NEW PRODUCTS” I’ve had to pick from in that time, the links are all here: 8th Aug 2020 – Costa, Crumbles…

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  • 16 New Products: 29th September 2020

    29th September 2020

    Slightly different edition this week – we’ve got 14 new products, 2 new bits I wanted to flag to you… and then 2 warnings!!!! Lindt Hazelnut Chocolate or Dark Spread (gf, contains dairy) – available in Asda and getting amazing reviews. Can they bring out a dairy free one now pleaaaase?! Galaxy Truffles Hot Chocolate…

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  • 14 New Gluten Free Products: 17th Sept 2020

    17th September 2020

    Well well well, it appears the first 2 Christmas products have crept into my “New Products” post!! There’s also loads more new choccies and treats in this edition 🙂 Kit Kat Santas (gf, not df) – I’m guessing most of you have run out of your Easter Kit Kat Bunny stash??! Don’t fear, Santa is…

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  • 12 New Products: 28th August 2020

    31st August 2020

    Old El Paso Guacamole Seasoning Mix (gf, df) – oooh fancy!! Want to try this so I’ll let you know what I think! Wicked Kitchen Vindaloo Vibe Kit and Crackin’ Coconut Korma Kit (gf, df) – YESS!!! finally a gluten AND dairy free Korma kit. The vindaloo might be too hot for me, but I’ll give…

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  • 12 New Gluten Free Products: 8th August 2020

    8th August 2020

    Here’s this weeks edition of NEW GLUTEN FREE PRODUCTS!! I’m not going to lie, when I started writing it I didn’t think I was going to have enough exciting bits for a blog post and nearly didn’t bother… but then I started hunting around and WOW there are some seriously yummy bits sneaking onto the…

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  • 14 New Gluten Free Products: 20th July 2020

    20th July 2020

    Well well well, what do we have here! ** Another 14 new products!!!** Lets go… Chop Pad Thai Stir Fry Paste – thanks to @laurensgutsylife for this find! Got to love something new for dinner. Not sure I’ll ever rival Rosa’s Pad Thai but I think I’m going to give it a go… GRO Coop…

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