20 New Gluten Free Products: 4th May 2022

4th May 2022
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Evening all!! Been a few weeks so thought I’d share a few new finds that have caught my eye! The BBQ ranges seem to be hitting the shelves so I’ll update all my BBQ food posts asap!!

Schar Choc Chip Cookies (gf, lactose free) – think Maryland cookies!

B’Good Peanut and Chocolate Protein Bars – Home Bargains (gf, contains dairy) – think they were something like 89p which is amazing for 4 “protein” bars

Hunky Dory B'Good Bars - Fruit & Nut and Flapjacks

Only Natural Oaties – Home Bargains (gf, contains dairy)

Hunky Dory Onli Natural Bars - Fruit & Nut and Oaties

M&S have 3 new gluten free products (croissants, digestives and rolls) (gf, contains dairy) – heard great things about the croissants.

M&S Choc Truffle Ice Cream Balls – (gf, contains dairy)

Morrisons The Best Free From Chocolate Cake Bars (gf, dairy free) – if they’re like the Sainsbury’s ones (and they look identical!) then they’ll taste like a mini roll

Morrisons Free From 4 Coffee & Walnut Cake Slices (gf, dairy free) – so nice to see something a bit different!

imageOfProduct id = 576397011

Morrisons Free From Dark Chocolate Clusters – (gf, dairy free)

imageOfProduct id = 576071011

Morrisons Free From Pinata Cupcake Kit (gf, dairy free)

imageOfProduct id = 576061011

Jack Daniel’s Gluten Free Original BBQ Sauce – (gf, dairy free) – there’s a honey version too!

imageOfProduct id = 577956011

Birds Eye Mini Potato Waffles (gf, dairy free) – I think we could only get the bigger ones before so yaaayy!

Click to zoom in

Deliciously Ella Creamy Vegan Chocolate (gf, dairy free)

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Tyrrells Mediterranean Herb Crisps (gf, dairy free) – most of the Tyrrells range are gf & fab so I’m sure I’ll love these

Tyrrells Mediterranean Herb Crisps 150G

Sainsbury’s Summer Edition: Most of the range is gluten free but these are my favourite products…

Lamb Kofta Kebabs, Sweet Chilli Thighs, weet & Smoky BBQ British Pork Loin Steaks (all gf, dairy free)

Click to zoom in
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Waitrose Summer 4 Pork, Roast Tomato & Mozzarella Kebabs (gf, contains dairy)

Waitrose Summer 4 Pork, Roast Tomato & Mozzarella Kebabs

Ice Kitchen Mojito Poptails (gf, dairy free) and Ice Kitchen Banana & Choc (gf, contains dairy)

Waitrose Gunpowder Baby Potatoes (gf, contains dairy)

Waitrose Gunpowder Baby Potatoes

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