25+ New Gluten Free Products: 20th Feb 2023

20th February 2023

Ahhhhh IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK!!! You might have noticed I’ve been offline for a few months but I am back and I had to kick it off with a “New Products” guide…

Ocado – Garofalo Gluten Free Lasagne (gluten, dairy free) – this stuff is amazing. Doesn’t fall apart and can be reheated (previous ad but no obligation to post here – they don’t even know I’ve included it :))

Warburtons Cinnamon and Raisin Fruity Buns (gf, df) – tried these and really enjoyed them. Sort of like a hot cross bun but with their texture of their soft square white rolls.

Pure Cheese (gf df) – always nice to see a new gf df product on the market

Ben & Jerry’s Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Love A Fair Ice Cream (gf, contains dairy) – couldn’t believe this was gf! Haven’t found a pot in store yet to verify but I’ve checked every supermarkets website and they all say gf

Sainsburys Flourish Range – huge new range of “healthy, tasty food”. Here’s a couple of the gluten free bits I’ve spotted so far. I’ve tried the Thai curry for lunch and enjoyed it 🙂

Sainsbury’s Salt & Vinegar Balls (gf, df)

Sainsbury’s Red Pepper & Basil (gf, df) / Sour Cream (gf, contains dairy) Chickpea Waves 

Marks – Chocolate Brioche Rolls (gf, contains dairy) – haven’t got a pic but I’m told these are yum!!!

Marks – new cereal (all gf, df)

BFree Naan Bread (gf, df)

New Sandwiches – Tesco Cheese and Tomato, Marks Cheddar Cheese New Yorker (all gf, contain dairy)

Lazy Days Caterpillar Cakes (gf, df)

Heinz 10 Magical Beans Cheezy (gf, contains dairy) and Original Nuggets (gf, df) – veggie “nuggets”

Iceland 4 Hash Brown Quarter Pounders (gf, df)

Schar Plant Burger (gf, df)

Coop Meze Salad – I haven’t verified this myself but I’m told this is a new gf grab and go option for us!

M&S Cafe has gf sultana scones – did you know this?! I had no idea so whilst this isn’t new, I had to share!

M&S Giant Speckled Egg Bar (gf, contains dairy) – if you’re missing the mini egg bar this year (its a may contain), this is an alternative for us…

Dough-chi Cinnamon Churro (gf, contains dairy)

Crave Streakers and Monster Feet – now on Ocado (£2/80g bag) – Aldi and Lidl have alternatives for bacon rasher and monster munch too but its nice to see another option! Also, just be careful with Aldi and Lidl crisps as they change the ingredients from time to time and sometimes say may contain… annoying!


  • Costa has stopped serving their almond milk (which was the only safe gluten and dairy free milk option) , removed gf filter on website and seemingly dropped the m&s gf sandwiches… grrrr.
  • Mini Egg Bars are a may contain this year
  • WKD is no longer gf
  • The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company toad in the hole – their vegan wrapper looks the same as gf. Think this is a new relatively new product so wanted to flag it!


  • Helen

    20th February 2023 at 6:30 pm

    Thanks for keeping your blog going, I find it really helpful.

    I can vouch for the Co-op Mezze salad, it’s gf & delicious. My go to lunch from the Co-op.

    And I’m pretty sure the scones in M & S’s cafe are the same as the ones they sell in store. I’ve tried a number of gf scones and, in my opinion, they’re the best as they don’t crumble to dust & they also freeze well.

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