Gluten Free Crisps Alternatives

8th July 2022
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Gluten free and just found out you can’t have Pringles anymore? Also Wotsits, Quavers, Walkers and Monster Munch also off the cards too. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Here’s my guide to “Gluten Free Crisps Alternatives”… and if there’s any more I need to add, make sure you message me on Instagram!

Want more alternatives? I’ve got two guides: (1) Sweet Stuff – smarties, milkyways, sweets etc (2) Savoury – bread, pasta, doughnuts, cereals etc


Look for supermarkets own brand “Cheese Puffs” in the normal aisle. Most are gluten free including the brands below…


(1) Schar Curvies (original, bbq) (2) Lidl/Aldi own brand “Snacktastic” (original, salt and vinegar, sour cream). Double check these – they have a tendency to change the ingredients!!


Look for supermarkets own brand “Tortilla Chips” in the normal aisle. Most are gluten free – tesco, sainsburys, waitrose, m&s etc…


(1) Loads of supermarket own brand regular crisps taste pretty similar (3) Seabrooks are a bigger brand that are also gluten free (2) If you want the real deal you need to get yourself from “Lays” from abroad – the European brand name for Walkers and comes with no may contain warning

Space Raiders/Monster Munch

(1) Lidl or Aldi own “Monster Claws”, (2) Asda Trolls Rock Strings, (3) You could also try “Onion Ring” crisps for a similar flavour – Tesco Free From or Morrisons Free From (to my knowledge, all of the normal aisle options contain gluten so you need a free from version)

Hula Hoops

(1) Lidl own ‘Potato Hoops’, (2) Asda “Potato Loops”

Nik Naks

Well & Truly Crunchies are the closest in texture although not quite the same taste


Tesco Prawn Shells (most other supermarket own brands prawn shells are a “may contain” but you can find normal prawn cocktail crisps (ie. not shells))


(1) Lidl & Aldi own “Bacon Rashers”, (2) Waitrose “Essentials Bacon Rashers” (NB – not sure if these exist anymore?), (3) Sainsbury’s “Bacon Crispies”, (4) Asda “Bacon Bites” (5) Coop “Bacon Rashers”

*Tescos & M&S CONTAIN wheat.


Kettle Chips have a similar flavour and crunch. The Sunday Lunch Roast Chicken is almost identical to the Sensations one!!


(1) Definitely not a perfect swap but try “Eat Real” (specifically the sour cream lentil curls) (2) You can also get similar supermarket own brand lentil curls

Walkers Max Paprika

There’s nothing quite like it so I’ve found two crisps with a paprika taste (very rare apparently!!) (1) Tyrrells Smoked Paprika (2) Well & Truly paprika crisps (love these!)


(1) Tesco Ready Salted Potato Chips (2) Asda Ready Salted/Salt & Vinegar/Beefy Potato Sticks (3) Morrisons Beef Potato Sticks (4) Seabrooks have some chipsticks that are gf (thanks to my followers for sharing!) – haven’t spotted them myself yet but I’m told they’re often in Poundland and B&M 🙂

*Careful with this one – lots of supermarket own brands were a main contain and the other flavours at Tesco contained barley.

Mini Cheddars

I’m told none of these are perfect but they satisfy a craving! (1) Nairns Cheesy Oatcakes (2) Asda Free From Cheese Crackers


  • Nanci Wilson

    2nd May 2023 at 4:25 pm

    FYI, All the Pringles that I have looked at have on them Contains: Wheat. I purchased Super Stack Cheddar Cheese Potato Crisps, & it only says Contains: Milk. I looked through all the ingredients, & there was no wheat.
    I did try them, and had absolutely no problem. I have Celiac. They were very good. I liked them better than Clancy’s (Aldi’s brand) & I love Aldi’s & their brands. Their Dill Pickle Potato Chips are delicious (if you like dill pickle flavor, & they say Gluten-Free right on the bag.

    1. jkitchengf

      2nd May 2023 at 4:27 pm

      Hey lovely – are you from the US? Pringles might be different there! All of the U.K. ones contain/May contain gluten x

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