My 12 Favourite “Normal Aisle” Gluten Free Products

30th March 2022
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This blog post contains my ALL TIME FAVOURITE “normal aisle” gluten free products. The sweet and savoury bits that are accidently gluten free so could be easily missed. They’re all regulars in my trolley and they come with “normal aisle” price tags too!!!

If you want to see the *complete list* of accidentally gluten free products at each of the supermarkets, click the names below.


M&S Chicken Nuggets – taste JUST like Mcdonald’s to me!

imageOfProduct id = 552456011

Tempura Chicken – M&S, Asda or Aldi (Sainsburys one is not gluten free any more). The M&S ones are a bit better (the batter doesn’t fall off as much if you want to chop them up and use in a sauce e.g. sweet and sour chicken) but there’s not a massive difference.

imageOfProduct id = 519924011

Coop/Tesco Plum & Hoisin Sauce – sweet and yum! Find in the fruit and veg bit (with the fresh noodles/ stir fry veg/ beansprouts etc)

Tesco Plum & Hoisin Stir Fry Sauce 180G

Coop Fish Range – massive selection, from breaded prawns to fish cakes. These are my personal fave.

M&S Dim Sum – heaven! You won’t find any gluten free dim sum in any other supermarket! We serve with soy/sweet chilli dipping sauce, either as a starter or on the side of stir frys or my infamous chinese 🙂

M&S 6 Steamed Prawn Dim Sum

M&S Oyster Sauce – another one that you cant find in many other supermarkets so I always stock up in M&S

M&S Oyster Sauce

M&S Chicken Kievs – had to put these in there because you guys love them. Party food or have a few and make it a dinner. Find them in the freezers ALL year round.

imageOfProduct id = 511521011

Mash Direct stocked in Morrisons – huge range from onion rings to these chips and I LOVE them!

imageOfProduct id = 465207011

Asda Gnocchi – gluten free fresh gnocchi!! Perfect with a bit of pesto or baked in a tomato sauce. Good carb alternative if you’re bored of rice or pasta.

ASDA Gnocchi


M&S Cookies and Cream Spread/Asda Version – no words. Actually, I should say these should come with a warning. Too addictive.

Morrisons Hazelnut Spread – Think Kinder Bueno. Absolute heaven on toast, in cupcake cores, mixed into buttercream… I could do on forever!

Crisps – I’ve included this because I always buy my crisps in the normal aisle. I didn’t want to highlight a specific brand because most of the supermarkets have own brand versions of Frazzles, Wotsits, Salt & Vinegar Sticks, Tortillas etc. Get out of the free from aisle and save yourself some ££!

Don’t forget…

If you want to see the *complete list* of accidentally gluten free products at each of the supermarkets, click the names below.

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